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Most Sellable
Canine bath products
by lani—dig your dog
These bath products are 100% natural,
68-74% organic, hypoallergenic,
sulfate-and dye-free, and made with the
most luxurious natural oils and organic
extracts available. They are manufactured in
the USA in a facility with four international
and national organic certifications. The
company is a member of the Carbon Fund
and the EPA, and donates a portion of net
proceeds to local, no-kill humane societies.
Natural skincare products
Myklo Baby Mantra Shirts
by Glory for Girls
by Myklo Designs This skincare line, which includes Everyday Face
These baby shirts are printed on 100% organic
& Body Wash and Lotion, Clarifying Pads and
cotton and the original writings are silkscreened
Coconut Scrub, is made with natural ingredients
by hand with natural, toxin-free inks. Display
and contains no parabens, sulfates, artificial
hangers are made of 100% recycled and
colors, fragrances or any known hormone
recyclable materials.
disruptors which may affect growing girls. The
company does no animal testing, all packaging is
HDPE recyclable and all secondary packaging is
made from FSC certified materials.
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