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Most Innovative
Most Sensitive Use of Materials
Vanishing Creatures
Gold Bar Pillows
by Lulan Artisans
Organic handcrafted chocolates
These 100% all-natural silk products are
recreate the likenesses of five
hand-twisted, hand-spun, hand-woven,
endangered or threatened animal
hand-washed and hand-finished using
species. This multi-purpose gift
local natural materials grown without
leaves virtually no waste. After the
pesticides or herbicides. Manufacture of
chocolate is consumed, the box
these products is Fair Trade-directed and
can be repurposed into either a
specifically intended to promote economic
candleholder or a bird feeder. A
opportunities and sustainable trade for
percentage of profits goes to the
community artisans. The manufacturing
World Wildlife Federation.
facilities utilize cooperative, “off the grid”
electricity. Artisans are based in Cambodia,
Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and India.
Eco Staple-Free Stapler
45rpm Record Mirror by Vinylux Recycled Paper Side Tables
Organic Bowl by Touch
This product is made of 100% recycled materials
by Made by Humans
About 150,000 45rpm records, or 19 tons of
by Shiraleah
material, are recycled and reused annually to
and manufactured in Maria Fe, a small town in
This stapler cuts out a tiny strip of paper and
These fun and funky tables are created from the
assemble and manufacture the Vinylux
Brazil, using a non-traditional water system to
uses it to stitch together as many as five
glossy pages of colorful magazines by
accessories. Non-toxic adhesives and low
minimize energy. The IQS-certified (Institution of
individual pages. Packaging is made from
Vietnamese artisans who employ a traditional
VOC paint are used to minimize environmental
Quality and Sustainability) company supports
100% recycled paper and PET.
coiling technique to create them.
impact, and recycled packaging is included.
30 families with jobs, education, and a health
center and donates one percent of revenues to
1% for the Planet.
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