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Currents: Low Impact Jewelry
Found objects—radiator cores, copper gutters, tubing
from industrial refrigeration and air conditioning units,
old electrical wiring—get converted into wearable art.
No fossil fuels are spent in the manufacturing process—
Artist McKenna Hallett converted an old Singer sewing
machine into a bench grinder and sander and uses it to
Safe Spray
create her pieces of jewelry.
808.986.8114 ●
“Recipe” spray bottles teach customers how to mix their own
earth-friendly cleaning solutions. Each bottle is imprinted
with easy-to-mix and inexpensive recipes that call for
common household ingredients. Bottles are BPA-free, made
and assembled in the USA using up to 25% recycled plastic
milk containers.
530.897.0274 ●
Sprig Hollow toys are made from natural rubber and
Sprigwood, a child-safe bio-composite of recycled
wood and reclaimed plastic that has visible wood
“flecks.” Toys have no decorative paint and minimal,
earth-friendly packaging. Each set includes seed-
infused, recycled paper flowers that provide an easy
parent-kid project.
970.472.0321 ●
RuMe Bags
RuMe (ReUse Me) “pocket” holds valuables and stashes
away in RuMe bags or can be used on its own as a wristlet.
Holds keys, wallet, cell phones and more. Variety of
Garden of Eve
designs and other styles also available.
Skincare line is made with all-natural ingredients including organic cold
773.301.4730 ●
pressed oils, unbleached and unrefined hand pressed butters, as well as
organically grown herbs and essential oils.
800.329.4748 ●
Tap Water Bottle
Environmentally friendly
tap water bottle from the
Arvind Group allows
customers to make a
statement while supporting
Food-safe cutting boards are made
the Tap Project—
with 100% recycled paper. Knife-
a movement to deliver safe
friendly surfaces can be washed
drinking water to children
clean in the dishwasher.
around the world.
866.678.3500 ●
n Fall 2009
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