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THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, January 14, 2010
Sowell from 7
things, put many of those
mAlkin from 6
tomer-service mentality for failing to revoke the
The ideas that Karl Marx intellectuals in concen- sular office interview and prevails under Secretary UndyBomber’s visa. Foggy
created in the 19th centu- tration camps-- slated for hasty approval of Abdul- of State Hillary Clinton. Bottom held a press con-
ry dominated the course extermination-- if he had mutallab’s visa. Spokes- The department continues ference earlier this week
of events over wide por- succeeded. woman Megan Mattson in- to operate the danger- to boast that it had finally
tions of the world in the The 1930s were by no voked confidentiality rules ous “Diversity Visa Lot- taken responsibility and
20th century. Whole gen- means unique. In too protecting his visa form. tery” program -- handing stripped Abdulmutallab of
erations suffered, and many other eras-- includ- But there is an overriding out permanent residency his golden entrance ticket.
millions were killed, as a ing our own today-- intel- public interest in what his visas (green cards) ran- But where does the buck
result of those ideas. This lectuals of unquestionable application might reveal domly to some 50,000 stop for granting the visa
was not Marx’s intention, brilliance have advocat- about our atrociously lax foreigners from “under- in the first place?
nor the intentions of many ed similarly childish and consulate practices. The represented” regions. The Ominously, State De-
supporters of Marxian dangerous notions. How General Accounting Of- bipartisan visa lottery was partment spokesman P.J.
ideas in countries around and why such patterns fice obtained and released championed by the late Crowley revealed that
the world. But it is what have existed among intel- the 9/11 hijackers’ tem- Democratic Sen. Ted Ken- other suspected jihadi
happened. lectuals is a challenging porary visa forms, which nedy and signed into law visas have been revoked.
Some of the most dis- question, whose answer showed that basic infor- by Republican President “It’s more than one,” he
tinguished intellectuals in can determine the fate of mation about where they George H. W. Bush in said. “But I don’t think
the Western world in the millions of other people. were headed (two hijack- 1990. Although originally it’s fruitful to get into a
1930s gave ringing praise ers wrote “Wasantwn”) intended to give a leg up scoreboard.” Of course
to the Soviet Union, while To find out more about and what business they to Irish immigrants, most not. Keeping score would
millions of people there Thomas Sowell and read claimed to be doing (one of the winners are now mean accountability for
were literally starved to features by other Creators wrote “teater” as his occu- from non-Western coun- negligent consular offi-
death and vast numbers of Syndicate columnists and pation) was suspiciously tries -- including several cials and their bosses.
others were being shipped cartoonists, visit the Cre- shoddy. terrorist-sponsoring and This administration would
off to slave labor camps. ators Syndicate web page Like Abdulmutallab, not terrorist-friendly nations rather let sleeping bu-
Many of those same dis- at a single one of the unmar- such as Saudi Arabia, reaucrats lie.
tinguished intellectuals Thomas Sowell is a senior ried, rootless Muslim male Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Lib-
of the 1930s were urging fellow at the Hoover Insti- nomads who secured stu- ya, Nigeria and Yemen. Michelle Malkin is the au-
their own countries to tution, Stanford University, dent and business visas to State Department flacks thor of “Culture of Corrup-
disarm while Hitler was Stanford, CA 94305. His commit mass murder on are busy pointing fin- tion: Obama and his Team
rapidly arming Germany Web site is www.tsowell. American soil should have gers at other homeland of Tax Cheats, Crooks &
for wars of conquest that com. ever obtained a temporary security bureaucracies, Cronies” (Regnery 2010).
would have, among other visa in the first place. namely the National Her e-mail address is mal-
But the reckless cus- Counterterrorism Center,
Bear Island Mail Call
New Limited Edition Print by Local
wAterfront from 32
Artist Peter Ferber. Only 500 Prints Available!
included 8.3 acres with
1,500ft of sandy shore-
front on Meredith Bay.
Also Available
The property also includ-
Available At These
ed a remarkable stone
Area Businesses... A very limited number of artist’s proofs and first run prints.
150.00+S&H boathouse, a primary
residence and a beauti-
ful stone and wrought
The Art Place
iron wall surrounding
9 N. Main Street
the compound.” PK Zyla
Wolfeboro, NH
and Nancy Williams also
commented “this was
one of the finest parcels
Brock Roberts
of land on Lake Win-
140 Court Street
nipesaukee, with a huge
Laconia, NH sugar sand beach and
603-528-1829 offered dramatic sun-
The Weirs Times Newspaper Office
Roche Realty Group,
515 Endicott St. N.
Inc. officials indicated
(Rte. 3 next to Funspot)
that the 26 waterfront
Weirs, NH
sales, well in excess of
$1 million last year is the
best indicator of strong
optimism for the Lakes
Or purchase online at… Region’s economy. Lake
Winnipesaukee is a na-
Bear Island Outfitters
tionally known drawing
card for the region, with
its 72sq. miles of water,
The Weirs Times Newspaper Online
274 islands and almost
625 billion gallons of
Pictures the summer residents of Bear Island preparing for the departure
crystal clear water.
of the Sophie C. after its daily delivery of U.S. mail.
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