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THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, January 7, 2010
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Fe a t u r e s
Po l i t i c a l/oP i n i o n
The Mail Boat.... 4
Michelle Malkin .... 6
Oliver North ....... 6
Thomas Sowell...... 7
John Stossel ........ 7
Advocates ....... 8
Legislative Thuggery the Manual of the General speakers. The question State Senator for Dis-
Contrived At Midnight
Court requires a “public remains for many of the trict 4-Kathleen Sgam-
li f e s t y l e /Hu m o r
hearing on each bill re- LLC’s; how is accumu- bati on the Senate side
On The Trails & Summits,.... 3
To The Editor: ferred to committee”. For lated profits determined of voting equally voted
A FOOL in New Hampshire.. 5
In June of last year - the whatever reason the com- and what determines in- to impose such a tax on
Cat’s Meow.................... 9 legislative body in Con- mittee on finance at an terest and dividends? As businesses registered as
SportThoughts....... 15
cord passed HB 2-FN as unusually late hour ab- expected the DRA gave LLC’s. Masked in the
Home Improvement 101.. 19
Here There & Everywhere... 23
part of Chapter 144 which rogated, the House Rules a scripted answer that HB-2 was this insidious
Church Meditations.... 26
is an “Act Relative to State with “Legislative Thug- seemed arbitrary and am- new tax which will impart
Renovation Psychology... 31 Fees, Funds, Revenues gery” that clearly dimin- biguous. But as one party a great deal of pain and
and Expenditures”. The ishes the tenets to which noted, it should not sur- consternation for those
depth of the bill deals with the House Rules apply. prise anyone with a de- who are trying to comple-
P e c i a l se c t i o n s
a litany of fees such as: in- On December 16th the partment that flourishes ment their business en-
Real Estate Guide.... 18
creasing the boating regis- Department of Revenue in ambiguity. trepreneurship with a
Dining Guide..... 19
tration fee, license fees, Administration conduct- In summary: good pub- legal entity that imposes
rooms and meals tax and ed the first of four hear- lic policy means reasoned limited exposure to the
mi s c e l l a n e o u s
increasing motor vehicle ings on the administrative and thoughtful legisla- partnership but only to
Classifieds ........ 20-21
registration fees. Inserted rules that will ostensibly tion that is neither drawn be thwarted by an uncon-
Puzzles / Funnies ... 27-29
at the end of the bill by determine how interest lightly or hastily and it trolled bunch of exuber-
the Legislative House Fi- and dividends will be de- also means following pro- ant spenders. Those who
nance Committee—was a termined. This new tax scribed rules and tenets voted for such a measure
new Section that imposed on LLC’s will be computed that both the House of without a public hearing
a Tax on Interest and at 5% but may be as high Representatives and Sen- on such an important
Ou r st O r y
Dividends for the State’s as 13.5% to any interest ate members were sworn matter knew or should
LLC’s. and dividends of the LLC’s to uphold. As a matter of have known this was in-
The Weirs Times was first published
It has been reported that accumulated profits. To reference it should be not- deed the wrong way to leg-
in 1883 by Mathew H. Calvert. The prior to presenting the bill further complicate mat- ed: of the Belknap County islate and clearly shows
newspaper, then named Calvert’s
Weirs Times and Tourists’ Gazette, was
to the House floor for a ters the DRA will deter- legislative body—those hubris at its worse.
published until Mr. Calvert’s death in vote, the House Finance mine what is “reasonable” representatives elected
Committee at some point in terms of compensation to represent the towns George Hurt
One of the most remarkable features
in the late hours agreed and what is a taxable within the county, --and Gilford, NH.
of the publication was a map of Lake
Winnipesaukee which occupied the to approve the bill with event in terms of any in- the City of Laconia--- all
center spread of the paper. Readers
the additional complex terest and dividends accu- of the Democrats voted George Hurt served in
will find the same map reprinted on the
center pages of this, and every issue. measure of approving a mulated for the business. Yea (for) HB-2 and the NH House of Representa-
The new Weirs Times was re-established
“new tax” on the State’s Having attended the hear- new tax on LLC’s without tives from 1994-1999 and
in 1992 and strives to maintain the
“40 thousand LLC’s,” and ing I can attest to the a public hearing, and all is the former owner of Hurt
patriotic spirit of its predecessor as well
as his devotion to the interests of Lake
they did this at the mid- attendance of more than of the Republican’s voted and Forbes Insurance in
Winnipesaukee and vicinity.
night hour and without a 200 plus concerned and Nay (against) enacting Laconia.
public hearing. House upset business people, such a tax.
rule 43 (a) and (b) (1) of along with more than 50 Of equal import, our
O O d st u F F
Thank You Lakes
Locally owned for over 16 years, this
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