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Federal Aviation Administration
Launches New Accident Prevention Office
AS PART OF a strategy to The new organization will consolidate made not only through FAA regulations,
reduce emerging aviation risks resources so the FAA can better under- but also through the Commercial Avia-
using national safety data, the agency’s stand current and emerging risks across tion Safety Team (CAST).
Office of Aviation Safety today launched the aviation community through the use Jay Pardee, who most recently was the
a new Accident Investigation and Preven- of data from accident and incident inves- director of the Office of Safety Analyti-
tion Service that integrates the work of the tigations, historical accidents and inci- cal Services, will head the Accident In-
Offices of Accident Investigation and dents, and voluntarily submitted vestigation and Prevention Service.
Safety Analytical Services. information from industry programs such Pardee is recognized as a leader in safety
“This program give us better tools to as Aviation Safety Action and Flight Op- data analysis. He has been a leader in
spot potential safety problems and head erational Quality Assurance programs. CAST, which won the 2008 Robert J.
off aviation accidents before they hap- The Aviation Safety Information Collier Trophy for achieving an unprece-
pen,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Analysis and Sharing program combines dented level of safety in U.S. airline op-
Ray LaHood. information from industry and govern- erations. He is also the agency’s lead to
“If we are going to continue to improve ment data sources to provide new insights assure that the Next Generation Air Trans-
aviation safety, we have to be able to into potential safety issues. The program portation System provides enhanced lev-
gather safety information from our indus- has matured to the point that the FAA can els of safety. Tony Fazio, who most
try and use data-driven safety programs now look at data from more than 73 per- recently was director of the FAA's Eu-
to identify and address risks before they cent of current U.S. commercial opera- rope, Africa and Middle East Office in
lead to accidents,” said FAA Administra- tions and identify emerging vulnerabilities Brussels, will serve as deputy director.

tor Randy Babbitt. and trends. Safety improvements are
Federal Aviation Administration
Announces New Efforts To Respond To Safety Concerns
FAA ADMINISTRATOR Randy Babbitt today We know we can improve how we all • The FAA is strengthening the proce-
announced a new focus on improving the communicate technical safety information dures used by air carriers, manufacturers,
agency’s response to public safety com- so we maintain a safe U.S. fleet and avoid and the FAA to ensure that air carriers
plaints and whistleblower contributions, flight cancellations wherever possible.” comply with ADs. The goal is to maintain
as well as renewing efforts to ensure con- The changes include the following: safety while minimizing disruptions to
sistent interpretation of agency regulations • Creating a new Office of Audit and passengers by improving:
and policies. He also outlined ongoing ac- Evaluation that will handle all public • service information and instructions
tions to ensure that air carriers comply safety complaints and whistleblower con- from aerospace manufacturers
with safety directives while minimizing tributions. It will serve as the focal point • air carrier management of planning
disruptions to passengers. for the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, and prototyping how ADs are imple-
In addition, the FAA is improving how Government Accountability Office, and mented
it communicates and interacts with em- the Department of Transportation’s In- • FAA coordination with the air carri-
ployees, the public, air carriers, and man- spector General. It will oversee the FAA ers through the planning and proto-
ufacturers, based on last year’s focused Administrator’s Hotline, Aviation Safety typing process
inspections on air carriers’ compliance Hotline, Public Inquiry Hotline, Whistle- In addition, the FAA is strengthening its
with Airworthiness Directives (ADs). blower Protection Hotline, and the Safety procedures to assist inspectors when they
That effort resulted in flight cancellations Issues Reporting System. make compliance determinations and use
and prompted questions about the treat- • The FAA will no longer refer to air- the Alternative Method of Compliance.
ment of whistleblowers and the FAA’s re- lines as the agency’s “customer.” Instead, The FAA is acting on five short-term
lationships with airlines. through the Consistency and Standardiza- recommendations from an AD Compli-
“These changes make it clear that the tion Initiative, the FAA is now providing ance Review Team of experts to improve
FAA’s number-one customer is the pub- managers and supervisors in safety offices the clarity and interpretation of ADs. The
lic,” said Administrator Babbitt. “We around the nation with guidance to ensure agency has also chartered an Aviation
value the safety information we receive that FAA decisions are consistent with Rulemaking Committee to identify and
from our employees, the public and in- rules and policies and are communicated implement long-term actions that can be
dustry, and these actions reinforce that. in a standard, consistent manner. completed by the third quarter of 2011.

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