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ERA Training Center
Announces Agreement With AgustaWestland For Two
AW139 Flight Training Devices
Center) has announced that it has entered
into an agreement with AgustaWestland
for the construction of two AW139 Flight
Simulator Training Devices (FSTDs).
The first FSTD will be installed at Era
Training Center’s facility in 2011 and will
meet the certification requirements de-
fined by FAA Part 60, Level 6.
AgustaWestland, as prime contractor,
has partnered with Frasca International,
Inc. (Frasca) to support the development
and production of the FSTDs, with work
being carried out at Frasca’s facilities in
the USA and at AgustaWestland’s facili-
ties in Sesto Calende, Italy. Frasca built
the two advanced Level 6 FSTDs, the
AS350 B2 and the EC135 CPDS P2+ cur-
rently offered for training programs by
Era Training Center.
The FSTDs will represent the cockpit models, wave or sea state simulation, ur- board PC based debriefing station to re-
of a standard offshore AW139 helicopter, ban lighting, moving automobile lights at view training sessions with the students.
providing high fidelity replications and night, improved entity support, and auto- “We are very pleased to be acquiring
simulations of the controls, displays and matic building generation. EMS hospital the AW139 FSTD for our training needs,
systems to train aircrew on a range of and scene locations are incorporated into as well as offering its availability to other
ground and flight operations procedures. the database along with high resolution operators of this aircraft. Era believes the
The FSTD’s visual system will provide modeling of the Gulf of Mexico. AW139 provides the highest level of com-
real time, high brightness and high-reso- A high-fidelity simulation of the heli- fort and safety available for our customers
lution imagery with a 200 x 70 degree copter’s flight characteristics and a high- and passengers, while ensuring that our
field of view presented on a spherical performance electric control loading flight crews have the necessary reserve
screen using TruVision™ Global, featur- system, providing high fidelity control power, control authority and stability to
ing worldwide coverage at a base map forces, gives pilots a very realistic “fly- safely maneuver during those times when
level. This base map includes over 10,000 ing” experience. To add to the reality, the a flight might encounter challenges. The
runways, coastlines, representative terrain, FSTDs have a high-fidelity simulation of AW139 FSTD will replicate the aircraft
rivers, roads, and more allowing the pilot the avionics and helicopter systems (en- precisely, offer a high level of training for
to "fly" anywhere in the world and view gine, fuel, etc) based on true aircraft data emergencies, as well as honing mission
representative terrain and runways in each and a digital sound system for both in- specific proficiency and Crew Resource
area. TruVision™ Global features in- structor/crew communication providing Management Skills,” states Paul White,
clude: variable time of day, sun/moon/star realistic aircraft and equipment aural cues. General Manager, Era Training Center.
Each FSTD will also have an on- Era Training Center holds a CFR part
board Instructor Operating System 142 Certificate designating it as a Federal
(IOS) located behind the crew seats Aviation Administration (FAA) Approved
so that the instructor can monitor Training Center. The Center trains a di-
crew training and control simula- verse array of pilots from corporate air-
tion. Control functionality includes craft providers, helicopter emergency
scenario and sortie definition, mal- medical flight services, airborne law-en-
function injection and parameter forcement personnel, offshore operators,
freeze via a highly flexible and user- government entities and other rotorcraft
friendly workstation designed to op- professionals. To learn more about Era
timise instructor workload. The Training Center and available courses,
FSTDs will also come with an off- visit

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