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Global Solar Technology
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Forget oversupply; welcome
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the era of clean energy
Global Solar Technology
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Year 2008 was the golden year for the the Prime Minister’s National Action Plan
global solar industry, which registered on Climate Change (NAPCC) in 2008, is
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an astronomical 123% growth in PV reported to be targeting generation of 20
installations, totalling to 5.2 GW GW solar power by 2020, from the current
worldwide, compared to 2.4 GW installed miniscule level of 2.2 MW. The mission
base in 2007. Then came the real shock! also reported to have set up ambitious
Global Solar Technology
The Spanish government suddenly reduced target’s of 100 GW solar power by 2030,
Electronics Second
the subsidy limit to 500 MW from its and 200 GW solar power by 2050. There
Research Institute
installation volume of 2.2GW in 2008, is a strong possibility of this mission’s
No.159, Hepin South Road
which was largest in the world. This announcement by India government in
Taiyuan City, PO Box 115, Shanxi,
single demand collapse, combined with mid August.
Province 030024, China
disappointing demand due to the global If these announcements weren’t
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economic crisis, pushed average inventories enough to inflate the mood of the global
Editor-in-Chief—Trevor Galbraith
throughout the solar supply chain up by solar industry, then came this earth-
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64.3%, spurring major oversupply and shattering announcement: Desertec
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price erosion. Industrial Initiative (DII). The project,
The situation turned acute in the first promoted by twelve leading international
quarter of 2009, when the average days of solar companies and sponsored by
Managing Editor—Heather Lackey
inventory across the solar production value Germany’s Munich Re, plans to invest 400
chain surged to more than 121, up from billion euros to build concentrating solar
74.2 during the same period in 2008. thermal power (CSP) plants in the desert
Editor—Debasish Choudhury
China, which saw the enormous regions of Northern Africa and Middle
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growth of its solar photovoltaic industry in East, for both local use and for exportation
2008, found the big behemoths scouring to Europe. The DII project will be built
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for cover a year later. The Chinese during the next 10 years. No doubt, all
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government acted swiftly, and announced these projects will have a significant impact
a new $2.70 per watt government solar on the social and economic development
incentive program, which provided a strong around the globe.
impetus to local solar stocks, representing a In conclusion, according to a major
Print & Digital - Europe
50% government participation in the cost new study by IntertechPira of UK, the
Donal McDonald
of many Chinese solar projects. global photovoltaic market is expected
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The Japan government expressed its to double within the next five years,
intention to renew their solar subsidy reaching US$48 billion. Undoubtedly,
program earlier this year as well, post its the report reiterated, wafer-based silicon
Print - North America
closure in 2006. will continue as the dominant technology,
Lino D’Andreti
Thanks to U.S. President Barack but amorphous thin-film and cadmium
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Obama’s American Recovery and telluride (CdTe) technologies will gain
Reinvestment Act of 2009, gradually, the ground, and are expected to account for a
clean energy program became a buzz word combined 22% of the market by 2014. Can
Digital - North America
around the globe. you see the sunlight?
Sandy Daneau
India’s ancient scriptures speak of Certainly, the future of global
Tel: +1 (603)-686-3920
“Ekham Adityam”—the one Sun as the photovoltaic market will be sunny as never
source of inexhaustible energy. The before!
National Solar Mission, set up as part of —Debasish Choudhury
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2 – Global Solar Technology – July/August 2009
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