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Industry news
Industry news
suntech sets rumor straight: laid off
tion line in Yesan, Korea. of flexible and rigid thin-film photovoltaic
800, not 4,000, solar cells offers a way to manufacture solar
Jiangsu-based photovoltaic cell and module
cells at a fraction of the cost of present day
manufacturer Suntech Power Hold-
BTu international receives $2 technologies.
ings CEO and chairman Dr. Zhengrong
million order for thin film solar
Shi said that the company has cut 800
equipment optisolar lays off 300, faces lack of
employees, about 10% of its staff, reports
BTU International, a supplier of advanced financing
China Business News in a follow-up to
thermal processing equipment for the alter- Optisolar, one of the fastest growing solar
rumors that the company was laying off
native energy and electronics manufactur- companies in the market, has cut half its
4,000 employees between October and
ing markets, received an order from a new staff—around 300 employees—due to lack of
January. Shi said that the company delayed
major thin film solar customer. The order, financing. Optisolar, which makes thin-film
plans released in late 2008 to recruit 2,000
exceeding two million dollars in value, calls solar panels and builds large solar farms,
new employees and expand production
for the delivery of multiple BTU in-line has a somewhat unusual structure. It makes
from 1GW to 1.5GW in 2009, and that
thermal processing systems that will enable amorphous thin-film solar cells and then
company policy is to terminate 10% of its
high-volume production of thin film solar uses these cells to build utility-scale solar
employees annually for poor performance.
panels. parks. It then sells the electricity from the
Factory production has fallen from about
parks to utilities. It currently has two large
85% before the financial crisis to more
inkjet systems manufacturer enters projects on the books: a 210-megawatt plant
than 50% due to lower cell and module solar market, establishes solar
in Canada for the Ontario Power Authority
prices, large-sale raw material purchases division
and a 550-megawatt plant in California for
last August and September and extended Addressing the global need for efficient,
payment periods for some clients, said Shi. economic renewable energy, imaging Technology international (iTi) Corporation
Magnum energy inc. moves into
today announced iTi Solar, an equip- new 25,000 sq. ft. facility
german/european investment ment manufacturing division established
Magnum Energy Inc. has moved into a
in solar power delivers market
to advance the development of precision new 25,000 square foot facility consisting
industrial inkjet systems that enable solar of space for manufacturing, engineering
“We (the United States) invented solar
cell producers to improve production ef- and offices. The move is in response to the
technology, but we’ve fallen behind coun-
ficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. need for more manufacturing and engi-
tries like Germany and Japan in producing
Inkjet is emerging as a key enabling ap- neering space. The new facility located just
it,” said Barack Obama, in his address to
plication printing technology that advances several miles from the original facility is
a joint session of the U.S. congress earlier
manufacturing processes and the produc- new construction and designed to optimize
this year. Indeed, these nations have moved
tion of highly efficient, low cost solar cells clean room manufacturing and new R&D
ahead of the United States, with Ger-
for both silicon-based and next generation space.
many holding the lead in this fast-growing
thin-film photovoltaic cells. Inkjet printing
alternative energy market due the nation’s
and Europe’s long-term commitment to
solar power, according to iSuppli Corp.
European companies supplied 27.4 percent
of global PV cells in terms of wattage in
2008, allowing it to slightly exceed China’s
total of 25.8 percent, and handily surpass-
ing Japan at 16.2 percent and the United
States at 13.7 percent.
Veeco partners with Daiyang Metal
to provide cigs solar cell equipment
Veeco Instruments Inc. entered into a
strategic partnership with Daiyang Metal
Co., Ltd. of Korea to be its supplier of
equipment to manufacture CIGS (copper,
indium, gallium, selenium) solar cells. As a
first milestone in this relationship, Daiyang
has placed an initial multi-million dollar
purchase order with Veeco for its comple-
ment of FastFlex™ web coating systems to
build a thin-film CIGS solar cell produc-
4 – Global Solar Technology – March/April 2009
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