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Authorised & warranty repairs, assistance and enquiries
n a review of the Alpha 350 elsewhere, I commented on the missing feature OUR website is now packed with detailed features
which means you can keep shooting (and seeing review images) without on the Minolta and Sony Alpha systems, has a busy Forum and you can search
a card in the slot. I’ve also commented on the small optical viewfnder. the site for help on topics. It has a full directory of useful links for downloading
Well, tonight, as I write the final page for this edition, I put my software or obtaining help. For personal advice from the Club, use e-mail only
Alpha 700 down to pick up something else before going out for please, to Letters can not be answered by post.
the evening. It was safely loaded with a memory card and I’d been
using it earlier. A minute later I nipped back and picked it up. A DEDICATED helpline is available for Konica Minolta Dynax and Dimage
Later on, I took a few pictures when walking outdoors. Then I wanted a digital system owners, and also for film camera owners. The helpline phone
family shot before leaving. After taking five or six pictures, I decided to show number is 0870 0104107.
them – and realised it had no memory card. It wasn’t even the Alpha 700!
I had picked up the Alpha 350, card not present, with 16-80mm lens instead ALL REPAIRS for Konica, Minolta and Konica Minolta branded photographic
of the Alpha 700 with 16-105mm. No doubt about it, not having a shutter lock products are handled by;
‘without card’ is an omission. But, I had just been handling the 350, looking JP Service Solutions
through its small viewfinder, and had not noticed that it wasn’t the 700! In other Johnsons Photopia Ltd
words, it was just as familiar and the view was not suddenly looking small. Hempstalls Lane
As for having no memory in the camera, I clearly didn’t have much in Newcastle under Lyme
the cranium either. In future, never leave a camera unloaded! I took the Staffordshire ST5 0SW
shots on my brother’s excellent £110 digicam purchased from Aldi… Tel: 01782 753366 – Fax: 01782 753340
– David Kilpatrick Email:
SONY may announce further firmware upgrades or indeed products. Your first
step should be to check Sony’s website regularly:
Cover Baby tiger, Parque Cocodrilos, Ingenio, Gran Canaria. Sony
Alpha 350 with 70-300mm Tamron LD Di lens, ƒ5.6.
Their general helpline, which will have information on any other numbers,
2 Editorial, Contents, Info. See
addresses, departments or offices which Konica Minolta owners may need to
reach in future, is: 08705 111 999
3 The Sony Alpha Unseen Britain Challenge
For downloadable printable manuals, legacy firmware and software updates,
4 New full frame lenses for new full frame Alpha
5 Three new cameras – Alpha 200 and 300/350 reviewed
For the Sony European user service – there is still no UK user club:
10 A photo walk – Penzance to Land’s End, with Vaughan Brean
To order KM/Sony parts, accessories, and new Sony flash components etc, visit
14 Gallery – superb pictures from Alpha users worldwide
the Photoshore, where Bernard Petticrew also hosts an advice forum:
18 Technique – Spherical Panoramas and
QTVR explained by Daniel Oi
22 Accessories – Viewfinder Attachments MINOLTA REPAIRS
23 Accessories – the new Sony HVL–F42AM bounce flashgun
by specialist workshop in Milton Keynes
24 Which Wide-to-Tele Zoom Lens? Sony’s five kit or
FOR MANY years Camera Repair Workshop, based in Milton Keynes
package lens options examined by David Kilpatrick
close to the original Minolta UK service department, handled the repair
27 Review – Tamron 70-300mm ƒ4-5.6 LD Di Macro 1:2 lens
of classic SRT, X, Vectis and later film cameras for Minolta UK.
They have obtained many of the spare parts and KM’s stocks of older
23 Accessories – the new Sony HVL–F42AM bounce flashgun
‘cannibalisation cameras’ like 7000 and 8000i. Their proprietor is David Boyle,
30 Portfolio – Fired up with Smoke by Jim Miller
and his two technicians are Minolta trained. As an independent repairer they
will specialise in film and digital, and hold parts going back to models like the
31 Club Events – Quest and Duncan McEwan photo activities
XM. The Dynax 9 is an exception, previously serviced by a special European
32 Offers
centre, and must be sent to JP (see right). No VAT is chargeable at present, and
they offer Photoworld Club members a 10 per cent discount on prices which
34 Lens Hire Service
they say are already better than former retail repair charges. This enables
35 SonyCentre UK specialist retailer guide
the Club to continue with its 10 per cent service and repair discount offer.
The Photoworld Club Camera Check scheme will be operated by
Camera Repair Workshop, though in absence of Konica Minolta’s former
Published by
Whilst every care is taken of MSS and photographs submitted
all submissions remain the responsibility of the sender. Return
bulk shipping arrangements, the return carriage costs have increased and a
Icon Publications Limited
postage and packing must be included. The views expressed in
this magazine are those of individual contributors and do not charge of £25 per camera/standard lens combination is now required.
Maxwell Place, Maxwell Lane
represent the views or policies of Icon Publications Ltd unless
Kelso, Scottish Borders TD5 7BB
otherwise stated. This issue © 2008 Icon Publications Limited.
Your equipment is bench-tested for shutter speed, metering, focusing and
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced
Tel: 01573 226032
by any means without permission.
aperture accuracy, externally cleaned and adjusted (this includes mirror box
Fax: 01573 226000
and film track, and all accessible parts or adjustments). If performance is
Photoworld magazine is an independent quarterly from
Icon Publications Ltd which provides free membership of the
below standard, a quotation will be issued for optional servicing. A certificate
Photoworld Club UK/Photoclubalpha. The aim of the Club is to
provide support services, information, inspiration and activities is completed showing the test results and functions checked, and returned
for owners of Minolta, Konica Minolta, Seagull, Sony Alpha and
other equipment compatible with the Minolta SR, MC, MD, VS, AF,
with the camera. Camera Repair Workshop were actually responsible for
David Kilpatrick FBIPP AMPA
AF-xi and AF-D mounts. Membership of the Club is not dependent
on subscription and you may also sign up, receiving emailed
most of the Club Camera Check work, and hold a stock of original ‘Minolta
Shirley Kilpatrick MSc (Colour Science),
information only but no magazine, through www.photostore-uk.
Club’ certificates along with all the necessary bench testing equipment.
com, or
BA Hons (OU)
Subscriptions cost £19.95 for four issues (UK/Europe), £23.95
They are based at:
(Rest of World), payable to Icon Publications Ltd, Maxwell
Place, Maxwell Lane, Kelso, Scottish Borders TD5 7BB This Unit 9, Wharfside, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 2AZ.
publication has no connection with Konica Minolta Holdings or
Sony Corporation, or the brands mentioned. The logo typeface is
Telephone 01908 378088, fax 08712 427677.
Richard Kilpatrick – 01450 371169
‘Minolta Classic’ designed by Justin Bailey.
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