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KaTie whiTMarSh, MA in
holistic wellness student. For
richard BeNNeTT, 1996 doctor
many years Whitmarsh struggled
of holistic health sciences grad-
with chronic health problems
uate. Bennett has recently released
including fibromyalgia, hypogly-
Patterns, Fractals, and Mental
cemia, digestive disorders, and
Health. According to his Web
food allergies. It was necessary
site,, the
for her to find foods and methods
book “is a brief overview of the
of cooking that she could tolerate
type of therapy I do — Three
with her extremely sensitive
Dimensional Psychotherapy.
constitution and digestive system.
You see, I view psychotherapy
KaTheriNe TurcoTTe, Family This process led her to develop
as a non-linear equation, as
herbalist certificate student. the recipes in her new cookbook,
opposed to the linear equa-
Turcotte, a regular contributor The Bee Well Cookbook. The
tions used to calculate success
to Herb Quarterly magazine, cookbook contains simple and
by the managed care companies.
has an article in the 2009 spring easy recipes for those seeking
These linear equations follow the
issue: “A Body in Balance: health and wellness in their lives.
medical model, which may work
Keeping Your Body Balanced with The recipes work well for those
if you have a hot appendix! But
Adaptogonic Herbs.” Her next with sensitive digestive systems
honestly, if you believe that we
article in the summer issue will be because they are gluten-free,
are all unique individuals, then it
on reviving the “Victory Garden.” sugar-free and are low in dairy,
makes much more sense to use a
cereal grains, soy, fermented
concept called Individual Behavior
foods, nightshade vegetables,
e want to hear from all
Pattern Theory.” The book is
citrus, and fruit. They were also
of you. Not only do your
available online at
created for optimal digestibility
accomplishments affirm the
by incorporating food preparation
college’s mission and goals, but
techniques developed by
more importantly they motivate
and inspire your peers to put their
our ancestors, such as
natural health and holistic nutrition
soaking and slow-cooking.
education to use in the world.
The book is available at
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