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Passion Islam I August 2010


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Alhamdulillah by the grace of Almighty I have been working in HMYOI Feltham as a full time Muslim chaplain for the past nine years.

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Ramadhan with its barakaat (blessings) brings hope and joy for all. In essence it also grants our boys a real opportunity to reach out (spiritually) and change their lives once and for all. During Ramadhan a staggering two thirds or more prisoners fast, one must keep in mind that some of these kids have never fasted before this, in their lives! The Prison Service provides for our prisoners however, as the community likes to donate too (and many of you as regular donors have started emailing me this year) with this in mind we would appreciate your spiritual and financial support in the following: Regular dua - constant supplications Donation of religious items: Qur’an donations for every prisoner to take home with them as their personal copy - recently an Imam met an ex-prisoner who travelled with his Qur’an daily.

Religious artefacts for our library - Books on Seerah , Salaah, Duas, Stories of the Sahaba. DVDs, CDs and audio cassettes on various qira’aah, anasheed & inspiring speeches. As well as itr, miswak, tasbeeh, etc for our Muslim prisoners. In the past you have donated many of the above and.... A handful of Algerian / Tunisian dates daily Madani dates .5 kg to all Muslim prisoners (one off) During the last nights of Laylatul Qadr 25, 27 & 29th a ‘special’ Iftaar meal to all fasting prisoners & also ‘Eid meals’ from a local restaurant This year we would lurve to continue the above by the help of Allah and your gracious donations insha’ Allah. Kindly donate either, by sending a cheque direct to the prison we would then use your donations in the above areas as required.

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Send in your cheque payable to Passion Islam to Passion Islam, PO BOX 159 Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 1AD

Donations can be made by posting a cheque or postal order payable to ‘HM Prison Service’ addressed to: Moulana Sikander Khan Pathan, Muslim Chaplain, HMYOI Feltham, Bedfont Road, Middlesex, TW13 4ND Don’t forget to email me amount donated and name that appears on your cheque/ postal order, postal address and contact phone numbers; as this helps in emailing confirmation and posting paper receipt. Email me if you would like to donate online. I appreciate an informal email should you decide to post this email on your website! Please pray for all our staff and prisoners. Also pass this on to friends and family.

Shukran, Was Salaam Sikander Ps. If you would like to make a donation to a prison in your locality kindly email me details of prison of your choice and insha’ Allah I will make the appropriate links for you.

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