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Registered Charity No: 1135772

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that we have recently purchased the former Elm Pentecostal Church on Swindon Road, Dewsbury for the purpose of a Masjid, Madressa (for children / adults) and a Pre-school Islamic Nursery inshallah. We have named the premises “Madina Academy” and registered it as a charity.

The cost of purchase and renovation work on the premises is estimated at £175,000. Alhamdulillah, we have raised the initial amount for the purchase of the premises with Qarze hasana (loans) from Muslim brothers and sister. However, we still require additional funds, both Qarze hasana and Lillah (donations) to undertake essential renovation work.

Almighty Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, “Who is it that will give a loan to Allah, a beautiful loan, then He will increase it, a multiple increase.” [2:245]

“The example of those who spend their wealth in the path of Allah is that of a grain of corn; it produces seven ears and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold to whom He desires.” [2:261]

“Whatever you spend is for yourselves. (You earn the reward.)” [2:272] The Holy Prophet SAW said, “Charity does not in any way decrease wealth.” [Bukhari]

“Every day two angels come down from Heaven and one of them says, ‘O Allah! Compensate every person who spends in Your cause’, and the other (angel) says, ‘O Allah! Destroy every miser.’” [Bukhari]

“Verily what a believer continues to receive (in the form of reward) for his action and his virtues after his death is the knowledge which he acquired and then disseminated; the pious son that he left behind him; or a copy of the Qur’an which he left as a legacy; or the Masjid that he had built; or the inn that he had built for the wayfarers; or the canal that he caused to flow, or a sadaqah which he gave out of his property in the state when he was healthy and alive. (These are the acts of goodness the reward of which) reaches him even after his death.” [Tirmidhi]

We would be grateful to all Muslim brothers and sisters, especially those living in the area for their generous support and assistance in this noble cause.

If you wish to contribute in any way or view the premises please contact us.

Donations can be sent to the address below or directly to any NatWest bank, quoting the following details: Account Name: Madina Academy - Sort Code: 52-30-29 - Account No: 36228753


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