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Passion Islam I August 2010


A report of the ‘Department of Immigration and Citizenship’ has revealed that Muslim families have good relations with other Australians, and feel safe and happy in the country, but they are furious with the media for depicting Muslims as terrorists and criminals.

‘’The families felt strongly the media were gunning for Muslims; it was a huge concern for them,’’ The Age quoted Ilan Katz, director of the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, and a co-author of the study, as saying. The research is part of a wider project commissioned by the department to understand the concerns and needs of Muslim Australians.

Media Portraying us as Terrorists, Slams Muslim Australians

Based on interviews with 72 family members, it found people traced a change in the media’s depiction of Muslims after the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

‘’They felt community attitudes had hardened towards them since then because of the media,’’ Dr Katz said.

‘’Media portray us as terrorists; the media are against us. Australians listen to the media; that is what they believe,’’ an Iraqi father of a student in the country said.

Nevertheless, the paper states,

that the Australian Muslims were mainly positive about their daily interactions with ordinary Australians,

Muslim cleaner who returns £33,000 dubbed a ‘national hero’

A cleaner who handed in £33,000 worth of cash after discovering it in a Pakistan hotel room was rewarded for his remarkable honesty.

Hotel employee Essa Khan found the wad of $100 notes left in a safety deposit box in the room of a Japanese NGO worker at the Serena hotel in Gilgit.

The 51-year- old father-of-five,

who earns about 21,000 rupees (£153) per month, told the BBC that he never considered keeping the money.

He hoped his honesty would portray Pakistan in a positive light after allegations of Government corruption and incidences of state terrorism

Hotel manager Rajid Uddin also told the BBC that there had been similar instances where lost items

had been returned, but none “of this magnitude”.

Mr Uddin said the guest had been relieved when the cash was found. “He was naturally very worried as he wasn’t able to figure out where he had lost the money,” he said. Mr Khan has really shown that honesty is the best policy as the governor of Punjab has named him a ‘national hero’ and a special ceremony in his honour was held.

friends, workmates, and passers-by. ‘’Australian government high schools even have a prayer room inside the school and the students perform midday and Friday prayers there,’’ another father said. A major concern was low incomes, with some blaming discrimination in the workplace for shutting them out of jobs.

Islamic University in Holland Wins Official Recognition

Rotterdam Islamic University founded by the Turkish

entrepreneurs in the Netherlands wins official recognition by the state after its successful negotiations. The Islamic University of Rotterdam has set itself the goal of creating a Muslim academic elite in the Netherlands, Turkish TRT said. The first and only Turkish Islamic University has been functioning in Rotterdam city of the Netherlands since 1997 and it has succeeded to secure all accreditations.

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