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Conservative Coalitions
opposed to fi scal or national institution in the country, for indistinguishable from the Arlen Specter, former Secretary of
security concerns. example. Democrats. State Colin Powell.
What’s next: The GOP Faces: Americans for Tax What’s next: Rebuild the GOP Current game plan: Try to
desperately needs charismatic Reform’s as a party of both economic and lure back voters they feel have
leaders, and Palin appears to Grover personal liberty, a move that been frightened away from the
be one of its best prospects for Norquist, will put them in confl ict with big GOP by uncompassionate,
2009. Social and religious right former government conservatives, such uncompromising zealots of the
conservatives likely will groom her House as the religious right. religious right.
to attract voters and contributors, Speaker
and as a candidate they can ride Newt
next: Most
all the way not only to the top of Gingrich, BUCKLEYITES
the Republican Party but also into economists What they’re about: Identifi ed
who typically
the White House in 2012 or 2016. Art Laffer with the cultural conservatism of
hold seats to
and Stephen Moore, business National Review magazine founder
which more
EVANGELICALS expert Larry Kudlow, former William F. Buckley. They see the
What they’re about: Faith is Massachusetts Gov. Mitt problems with straying from core
politicians could
their focus, and specifi c causes — Romney. values and small government, but
not win election, would best be
opposition to abortion and same-
Current game plan: Distance
these intellectual conservatives
advised to simply pick a side.
sex marriage and support for
themselves from the Bush
remain infl uential by having
faith-based government initiatives,
administration, which spent
friends in
for example — rank high on their
money and grew government
almost all
What they’re about: Patriotism
list of priorities.
beyond even Bill Clinton.
to these “old,” as in paleolithic,
Faces: The Rev. Pat Robertson,
What’s next: It will be up to
factions and
conservatives includes the
Mike Huckabee, Sen. Sam
the fi scal conservatives to guide
will remain
populist economic self-defense
Brownback, Dr. James C. Dobson
restored credibility, and they’ll
infl uential.
of high tariff walls to protect
of Focus on the Family.
do it by working to rebuild the
Faces: American jobs and a strong fence
Current game plan: Continue GOP’s brand as the party of free
Former on America’s southern border to
exploiting the fact that they markets, low taxes, and balanced
Massachusetts stop the infl ux of millions of illegal
traditionally provide about 40 budgets. Many business-oriented
Gov. Mitt Romney, syndicated immigrants now changing our
percent of Republican campaign fi scal conservatives will strongly
columnist Rich Lowry. culture.
contributions advocate GOP outreach to Current game plan: Continue to Faces: Robert Novak, former
and precinct Hispanics and other minorities. inspire a broader, higher-minded Nixon and Reagan speechwriter
workers. Their likely 2012 presidential conservatism, and to advance the and aide Pat Buchanan.
horse: Mitt Romney, who has ideals of Goldwater- and Reagan-
Current game plan: Buchanan
next: Join
ample time and wealth to cultivate type conservatives.
has argued that Republicans lost
with national
his candidacy.
What’s next: Act as a positive, much ground in the election as
greatness morally clear voice that enhances a backlash against Bush’s trade

GOP cohesion and leavens the agreements and refusal to protect
in a crusade
What they’re about: Rolling
rise of a renewed Republican our borders, which have undercut
against Islamist terrorism.
back government to a size closer
coalition with humor, such as American
Huckabee, an ordained Baptist
to what the Founding Fathers
National Review writer Jonah wages and job
minister and likely 2012
envisioned . . . or smaller.
Goldberg’s penchant, as he has security.
AN SMIAL presidential candidate, has made
Developing free-enterprise
told Newsmax, for describing
What’s next:
it clear he wants to root hard-
alternatives to replace government
libertarians as “Jeffersonian
In a
policies and activities. They also
core libertarians out of the GOP. voluptuaries.”
“Traditional Republicans don’t
favor getting
Party coalition
out of the

hate all forms of government,” INDEPENDENTS
that will need
he says. “They just want it to be
What they’re about: A waning
every voter it

effi cient and effective.”
pockets and
faction often derisively called
can attract, paleocon populism
out of their
RINOs, or “Republicans in name
has a unique appeal to blue-collar
only.” Independents generally
Americans once known as Reagan
What they’re about: Fiscal Faces: sprung from Republican families

Democrats. Its worldview is retro,
conservatives want government Presidential with roots in the pre-Goldwater,
but many people fi nd retro an

to run on ethical, frugal business candidate more liberal-progressive GOP
attractive style. This faction has no

principles, to tax and spend little, Bob Barr, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, values of Lincoln and Teddy
young rising stars and is unlikely
and to leave the marketplace talk host Neal Boortz. Roosevelt.
ever to lead a major GOP bloc,
GGER/MICHAEL BUCKNER/ free for enterprise. They take an
Current game plan: Reverse Faces: California Gov. Arnold but it remains a bridge many

extremely unkind view of letting
the GOP trend toward big Schwarzenegger, former New newcomers could cross over
the treasury secretary expropriate
government, which they say Jersey Gov. and EPA head Christie on their way into a bigger-tent
part of every major lending
is making the party almost Todd Whitman, Pennsylvania Sen. Republican Party. — L.P.
best view of big government is in the rear view mirror as you’re driving away. 3/24/1982 ++ Profit, property

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