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Actually, the Election Proved
the GOP Is Alive and Well
WO DAYS AFTER THE ELECTION, I FOUND MYSELF SITTING IN THE WAITING McCain was running on an explicit platform of
area of the Tampa, Fla., airport, reading a stack of newspapers. They all support for a wildly unloved war in Iraq.
said that the future of the Grand Old Party was dim. The Republicans Plus, the African-American electorate was
had lost with this group and with that group. States that had been reli- galvanized into registering in unheard of
ably red had turned blue. The Congress was possibly going to be numbers and voting very close to 100 percent
veto-proof Democratic. Young people were going for Obama in droves. for Obama. I don’t blame them. I was arrested
Maybe it was time to give up on the Republicans and start a new party, sug- as a young man for demonstrating for their
gested several of the papers. right to vote. They have it
Let me try to straighten out the and should vote as their
situation a bit.
Barack Obama, good luck to him, won
a big victory by modern standards. He
did it in part by reneging on his pledge to
conscience tells them to
vote. But, these votes were
an example of bloc voting by
race that totally mocked the
use only public money for fi nancing and
idea that this was a “post-
instead raked in oodles of private money racial” election. In fact, this
— the provenance of which he has still not was maybe the most racially
revealed in toto. Sen. Obama raised roughly based ever. I understand the
$640 million to the roughly $80 million Sen. John McCain received from black voter and I probably would have done the
public coffers. (He kept to his pledge to accept only public money.) same. But, even with that turnout, McCain got
So that means President-elect Obama had roughly eight times as much almost half of the votes.
money to spend as McCain. (Some adjustments are due because of how
the different national parties spent money, but it was not a game-changing
amount.) BUT, and this is the shocker, Sen. McCain received about 47
percent of the popular vote the two men received and Obama won roughly O
bama is an incomparably better speaker
than McCain. He ran an incomparably
more focused, intelligent campaign than
53 percent. McCain-Palin. Nevertheless, McCain got almost
That means that spending EIGHT TIMES AS MUCH, Sen. Obama half of the votes. Or, I could say, the GOP got
received about the same number of votes as Sen. McCain. Or, Obama had almost half of the votes.
to pay eight times as much per vote as McCain. President Bush has conducted his economic
Or to put it even more starkly, the Republican got almost as many votes policy in a way that is a slap in the face to the
as Obama despite the fact that he could spend only about a dollar and American voters, with stunning tax breaks for the
change per vote and Obama could spend about eight dollars per vote. rich and with incompetence from Treasury in the
You can put it other ways. McCain was running in a political world fi nancial crisis. Even so, the GOP ticket got almost
in which the media was — except for Fox and talk radio — unanimously half of the votes.
behind Obama. Even so, McCain got almost half the vote. Sorry, headline writers and pundits. The GOP
Likewise, the GOP candidate was running in a world of economic is far from dead. We in the GOP need to regroup,
terror, staggering losses for the American people in stocks and real estate get better candidates, and we will be the winning
and commodities and rising unemployment. As is usual in this situation, party again. I wish Sen. Obama great success. He
the populace blamed the incumbent party, the Republicans. Nevertheless, is surrounded by intelligent, patriotic men and
the GOP nationally got almost half of the vote. women. I know they will try their best to solve
The GOP was running with a spectacularly unpopular Republican our national problems, and I hope they succeed
president in offi ce. mightily.
The GOP man and woman were running with a media making savage But the idea that the GOP is dying or dead is
and cruel fun of the GOP VP candidate, Sarah Palin. She was a fi gure of just the liberal newspaper columnists’ fantasy.
mockery. Nevertheless, the GOP ticket got almost half of the votes. We’ll be back to haunt them.

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