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Editor of Statistics
10 Graduate on 10th
Anniversary of Survey Class
Education Web Selected
Terry Richardson, GWU Professor and
Program Director
Congratulations to spring 2008 grad-
uates of the Graduate Certificate Program
University. During his tenure there, he co-
in Survey Design and Data Analysis at
wrote a supplementary text and lab manual
The George Washington University! The
to accompany David Moore’s Statistics:
George Washington University Survey
Concepts and Controversies and helped cre-
Design and Data Analysis Graduate
ate a probability and statistics course for K–8
Certificate Program provides the frame-
math specialists in the Virginia Mathematics
work to prepare professionals, from both
and Science Coalition’s Statewide Masters
public and private sectors, for a variety
Programs. Street also taught courses in prob-
of career opportunities in the survey
ability and statistics to middle school math
research field. The program focuses on
and science teachers, focusing on how to
the skills needed in today’s changing sur-
develop effective lessons plans and teaching
vey environment, introducing students
techniques to assist them with the skills relat-
to all phases of survey research—design-
ed to the Virginia Standards of Learning.
ing and pre-testing the questionnaire,
Street’s job as STEW editor will be to select
sampling cases, collecting and compiling
W. Scott Street IV is the new STEW editor. lesson plans that showcase the use of statistical
data, computing estimates and margin
methods and ideas in science and mathemat-
of errors, and writing reports, as well as
embers of the STEW search com-
ics based on the Guidelines for Assessment and
mittee are pleased to announce
managing the entire survey process.
Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE)
W. Scott Street IV as the first edi-
The graduate certificate program,
Report: A Pre-K–12 Curriculum Framework
tor of Statistics Education Web, the online
which began in 1997, was developed
( STEW will
bank of peer-reviewed lesson plans for K–12
under the leadership of 2005 ASA
operate similarly to an ASA journal. Authors
teachers of mathematics and science. Street
President Fritz Scheuren. It consists of
will submit proposed activities to Street fol-
will serve as editor from 2009–2011, with
four courses and provides the foundation
lowing a specified template. Material meet-
orientation beginning this year.
to develop, execute, and analyze survey
ing the guidelines will be posted on the web
Street, who earned his doctorate in sta-
data, including data from public opinion
site. Templates will be available in the fall of
tistics at the University of South Carolina
and market research. Students develop
2008, and STEW should be serving the pub-
in 1997, is a teaching associate professor
the skills and learn the techniques of
lic in the spring of 2009. Visit www.amstat.
of statistics at Virginia Commonwealth
sampling, designing, and conducting
org/education/stew for more information. n
surveys, as well as compiling and analyzing
the resulting statistics. For more informa-
IISA Hosts Conference at Storrs
tion, visit
Malay Ghosh, IISA President
The International Indian Statistical Association (IISA) held a conference, “Frontiers
Betty Anderson
of Probability and Statistical Science,” at the University of Connecticut-Storrs from May
(Howard Community College)
22–25, 2008. The conference—sponsored by a number of companies, including the
Sydney Ayine
University of Connecticut and the ASA—was attended by nearly 180 people.
(ICF International)
Two plenary lectures were given, one by Jayaram Sethuraman of Florida State University
Cara Carter
and one by Marvin Zelen of Harvard University. In addition, a number of named lectures
(U.S. State Department)
were given by Evarist Gine, Sanat Sarkar, Glen Meeden, Lee-Jen Wei, and Barry Arnold.
Jessica Holmes
Also, S. R. S. Varadhan received a Life Time Achievement Award from IISA.
(Council on Social Work Education)
The IISA is a nonprofit organization with the following objectives: Sherri Vonderichar
Promote education, research, and the application of statistics and probability
(The Altarum Institute)
throughout the world with a special emphasis on the Indian subcontinent
Laura Leach
Foster the exchange of information and scholarly activities between various coun-
(ICF International)
tries, as well as among other national/international organizations for the develop-
Kinsey Gimbel
(Macro International)
ment of statistical science
Gabriel Ayine
Serve the needs of young statisticians
(Howard Community College)
Encourage cooperative efforts among members in education, research, industry,
Anne Hopewell
and business (U.S. GAO)
Anyone interested in the objectives of the association is welcome to become a mem-
Jason Marley
ber. Visit for details. n
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