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Access to the software by the award departments at The University of North citation, which will be presented at a cere-
committee for their use on inputs of their Carolina at Chapel Hill and a statistical mony arranged by the cosponsors in June.
choosing. Access to the software may division at the newly founded, not-for- The winning mentor will be selected for
consist of an executable file, web-based profit RTI. She also served as president of his or her efforts to support the work and
access, macro code, or other appropriate the ASA in 1957. develop the careers of junior staff mem-
form. Access should be accompanied This year’s committee from RTI consists bers. Examples of typical mentoring activi-
by enough information to allow the of Nabil El-Khorazaty, Moshe Feder, and ties include the following:
judges to effectively use and evaluate Paul Levy (chair); the committee from WSS
the software. This information can be includes Karol Krotki, Michael P. Cohen
Helping junior staff members create career
provided in a variety of ways, including a (chair), and Jill Montaquila. The award
opportunities, networking skills, and
user manual (paper or electronic), a paper, consists of a $1,000 honorarium, travel
contacts for growth and development
a URL, online help to the system, and expenses to attend the WSS dinner, and
source code. In particular, the team must
Counseling junior staff members and pro-
a commemorating plaque containing the
be prepared to provide complete source
viding resources to help develop their
WSS logo. Past recipients include Sharon
code for inspection by the committee if
technical writing, analysis, presentation,
Lohr, Alan Zaslavsky, Tom Belin, Vance
and organizational skills and knowledge
Berger, and Francesca Domenici.
Email your nominations to Cohen at
All materials must be in English. We pre-
Encouraging junior staff members’ growth and Levy at levy@rti.
fer electronic text be submitted in Postscript
and career development through atten-
org by February 15, 2008.
or PDF formats. The entries will be judged
dance and oral presentations at meetings
on a variety of dimensions, including the
Griffith Mentoring Award
with higher-level officials, staff members
importance and relevance for statistical
of other agencies, professional associa-
practice of the tasks performed by the soft- Upon receiving the Roger Herriot Award
tions, training courses, and conferences
ware, ease of use, clarity of description, ele- in June 2001, Jeanne E. Griffith said “One
gance, and availability for use by the statisti- of the most rewarding aspects [of federal
Motivating junior staff members and build-
cal community. Preference will be given to statistics] for me was the opportunity to
ing self-confidence through feedback on
those entries grounded in software design, promote creative activities and energies
their efforts, being a listener when it is
rather than calculation. The decision of the among my staff. …When I have had the
needed, and creating a caring and sup-
award committee is final. blessing to mentor young people in their
portive environment
All application materials must be careers, I have tried to emphasize … only
Serving as a role model for junior staff
received by 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday, they, themselves, can make the most of
members through professional exper-
February 25, 2008. They may be emailed to [the] … chances that life presents.”
tise; information and insight; balancing or mailed to Chambers Griffith died in August 2001 after working
collegial and personal roles; and includ-
Software Award, c/o J. R. Lockwood, The for more than 25 years in the federal statistical
ing everyone across rank, race, ethnic-
RAND Corporation, 4570 Fifth Avenue, system. Throughout her career, and especially
ity, and seniority
Suite 600, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. in her latter senior management positions at
The winner will be announced in May, the National Center for Education Statistics
For more information about the award,
and the award will be given at the 2008 and the National Science Foundation, one of
contact Ed Spar, Council of Professional
Joint Statistical Meetings. Griffith’s highest priorities was to mentor and
Associations on Federal Statistics at (703)
encourage younger staff at all levels to learn,
836-0404, (703) 836-0406 (fax), or
grow, and recognize and seize career opportu- The nomination cover
Gertrude M. Cox Award nities as they came along.
sheet and guidelines form, or a photocopy
The Jeanne E. Griffith Mentoring Award
The Gertrude M. Cox Award Committee
of it, should be attached to a nomination
was established to encourage mentoring of
is seeking nominations for the 2008
memorandum or letter. Forms may be
junior staff in the federal statistical system. It
Gertrude M. Cox Award. Funded by the
obtained by contacting Spar or by down-
is chosen by the award selection committee
Research Triangle Institute, the award rec-
loading one from All nom-
and presented annually to a supervisor who is
ognizes statisticians in early to mid-career
inations should be returned to the Jeanne
nominated by coworkers and supervisors.
who have made significant contributions
E. Griffith Mentoring Award Committee,
The award is cosponsored by the
to statistics. The recipient is chosen by a
c/o COPAFS, 2121 Eisenhower Avenue,
Interagency Council on Statistical Policy,
committee of representatives from RTI and
Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314 no later
the Council for Excellence in Government,
the Washington Statistical Society, and the
than March 28.
the Washington Statistical Society, the
award is given annually at the WSS meet-
Social Statistics and Government Statistics
ing in June.
Ellis R. Ott Scholarship
sections of the American Statistical
The award is in memory of Gertrude
Association, and the Council of Professional
The Statistics Division of the American
M. Cox (1900–1978), who in the
Associations on Federal Statistics.
Society for Quality is pleased to announce
1950s—when head of the Department of
Nominations for 2008 will be accepted
the availability of $5,000 scholarships to
Experimental Statistics at North Carolina
until March 28, and the award committee
support students who are enrolled in, or
State College—played a key role in estab-
will make its decision by May 9. The award
are accepted into, a master’s degree or
lishing mathematical and biostatistics
will consist of a $1,000 honorarium and a
higher program with a concentration in
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