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Heradesign is rated outstanding


alley Invicta Primary, Leybourne Chase, is a new school built in the heart of the Kent countryside. The layout and design of the school and

grounds provide a safe and secure environment for pupils, staff and visitors, including children with special educational needs. Innovative Heradesign ceiling and wall panels from Knauf AMF were chosen for this contemporary building.

To comply with the Priority

School Building Programme’s energy model, to waste less energy and emit less CO2, thick concrete soffits are fitted throughout the school to reduce the cooling and heating demands of the building, making it more energy efficient. Heradesign is a versatile product

that can be fitted as a suspended ceiling, hung as rafts or fins, or directly onto walls or ceilings to create truly unique interiors. Installing Heradesign vertical baffles provided the necessary sound absorption to control the level of reverberation in the classrooms, helping create learning environments where children and staff can easily hear and understand one another. u0191 518 8600

Top marks for PAT tester at famous Oxford college


embroke College in Oxford is meeting its health and safety

obligations by using advanced test technology in the shape of the Seaward Apollo 600 supported by specialist PATGuard 3 test management software. Around 3,000 appliances are

tested in the college each year, with the work being carried out by the college’s in- house maintenance and facilities team. The battery powered Apollo

600 includes all of the electrical safety tests required by the IET Code of Practice. In addition, the tester includes an onboard digital camera. As part of the full PAT support

package provided by Seaward, specialist product training and familiarisation was provided to ensure that the tester is to its full capability and also allows non-electrical maintenance team members to carry out testing. As testing is carried out, results and equipment information is stored in the

large internal memory in the Apollo 600 and transferred to the PATGuard 3 results management software to enable formal records, test certificates and reports to be maintained.

School Minibus Leasing UK

At School Minibus Leasing UK we understand the difficulty in making the right decision when it comes to procurement of your a new minibus. As one of the leading suppliers of leasing products to education institutions, community groups and businesses, you can be assured that our comprehensive and pragmatic fleet solutions make your decision an easier one. As modern-day educational institutions regularly need to facilitate off-site

education days such as sporting commitments, outward bounds activities or museum/theatre visits we appreciate the growing demand for an all inclusive package which provides a suitable vehicle (including conversions), quality maintenance programme, regular safety inspections and optional driver training on a cost-effective basis. Quality remains at the centre of what we do. A family business with over 40 years’


automotive experience, we take enormous pride in delivering the highest standards of care through our personal and flexible approach. Our sales and administration processes are carefully controlled to ensure a seamless and time-productive result for our customers time after time. Please do take the time to explore our

informative website, which should hopefully answer many of your questions. However, for further advice and support do not hesitate to speak to one our team here on 01942 608606.

u April 2016

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