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Teacher Recruitment

requirements so it means less time for you searching for the perfect job.

Explore the world with your teaching passport There are fantastic opportunities for those looking to gain experience outside of the UK teaching abroad, with such positions often offering competitive salaries (not to mention, warmer climates). The global arm of Eteach is based in Dubai, and places teachers across the world in locations including the Middle East and Europe. A teaching qualification really can be your passport to a world of travel opportunities. Another advantage of teaching abroad is the freedom you have in the role as many of these schools have autonomy over their choice of curriculum, so you can work around your strengths and subject interests.

Take a step up the career ladder For those looking to move up in the teaching world, now is a great time to do so. Schools are crying out for senior positions including Heads of departments and Deputy Headteachers. A third of all current Headteachers are set to retire within the next five years, which, according to Ofsted Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, is the biggest challenge facing state secondary schools across England. The Inspector has recently announced plans to form a talent scouting network that will identify young people with leadership potential and accelerate their move into leadership positions. If you are a highly motivated individual with

excellent leadership skills and a drive to progress quickly, don’t be afraid to apply for positions that will test you and push your abilities. There are a number of professional institutes you can join that can support you in your continual development. Think about joining NAHT Edge which helps teachers become better managers and leaders through professional development. You could also join ASCL Aspiring Leaders which works to develop teachers’ knowledge and skills to help

28 April 2016

lead their teams more effectively and further their career.

Look out for incentive packages Certain areas across the UK are offering incentive packages to attract teachers of certain levels and subject areas as a result of the current shortfall. From our experience these can range from relocation packages and travel expenses, to gym memberships and flexible working. With this in mind, it might be worth considering a move to a different area for the right position and package.

Assess what school works best for you It may be time for a change in terms of the type of school you teach in and it’s important to know the pros and cons of each institute, whether it’s a college, academy or independent school. While George Osborne’s recent budget announcements confirm an all ‘Academy Vision’, it will still be some time before all schools are forced to change. Consider what environment would be

best for you – perhaps your teaching style would be more suited to an autonomous academy, or maybe you’d rather test out your skills in an independent school, where you can expect smaller class sizes and greater parental involvement. One piece of advice I would offer for any

teacher looking to switch jobs is to really research the school and the role before applying. Showing an astute understanding of the school’s ethos and values, along with clear knowledge of the role and how your experience is suitable is essential and will most definitely get you recognised during the interview process. Spend time reading about the background of the school, the person interviewing you and have a good overview of useful information like Estyn results and latest league table figures. For more information on job advice or to see

our latest roles, visit: uwww.

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