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Teacher Recruitment

A teacher’s market – advice from leading education recruitment providers Eteach on finding your next role


s the UK’s leading teacher recruitment providers, Eteach works on the frontline

of the education industry and experiences first-hand how schools are recruiting teachers amid ongoing shortfalls. Here, Robbie O’Driscoll, Group Commercial Director, gives an overview of the current climate and advice for teachers looking for their next role.

Education in the UK is changing, and dramatically so. From the recently announced compulsory academy status, to the national curriculum, changes to qualifications, and rising pupil numbers – all of these factors are affecting the way that schools and colleges are being run. In turn, the way teachers are both looking for jobs and being recruited is also shifting. While it may seem like schools are heading

towards a perfect storm it’s certainly not all doom and gloom – particularly for teachers who can maximise the opportunity. With declining NQT numbers and thousands of established professionals predicted to leave the profession over the next few years, the opportunities for teachers passionate about educating the next generation, or looking to further their careers are rife. Here are some of our top tips for teachers looking for their next role.

So what’s really happening out there? Well, if reports from the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are anything to go by, 50% of teachers will quit the profession within the next

two years. And, according to the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) an extra 160,000 more teachers will be needed over the next three years to keep up with demand. In addition to the looming recruitment crisis,

the education industry is set to change fundamentally following George Osbourne’s recent budget announcement, which will require all schools in England to become an academy by 2020, or have confirmed plans to do so by 2022. While the main changes and subsequent responsibilities will be felt by the schools themselves, this will undoubtedly also affect teachers. Whether that be through curriculum or pay structure changes, it will definitely be worthwhile for teachers to brush up on their academy knowledge and look up trusts in the local area to explore potential opportunities and learn more about the changing landscape.

Be proactive and start looking for that next step It’s important to keep a regular eye on job boards and school websites to check for the latest vacancies, setting up job alerts is a great way to stay on top of this. Even if you consider yourself a passive candidate - someone that is not actively looking to move but would do so for the right opportunity - keep an eye out for jobs at schools that you have always admired.

The way schools look for teachers is changing Teachers also need to be aware of how schools look for new recruits and have an understanding


of the different platforms that they now utilise to reach the top talent. With increased pressures on the education sector, more and more schools are turning to education specific recruitment partners, like Eteach, who are formulating multi-channel recruitment strategies to target the best teachers. Part of the multi-channel recruitment strategies

will include social media, and schools will look at potential candidate’s social channels prior to the interview stage, so make sure your Facebook and Twitter channels don’t promote any inappropriate content and that your LinkedIn profile is completely up to date. Cross reference your CV with your LinkedIn profile to ensure all dates correspond to avoid any confusion during the application process. Use your social channel’s to share interesting

sector news and articles to show potential recruiters that you are passionate about the sector and have a good knowledge of the issues affecting it.

Register with education recruitment experts Registering with a sector specific recruitment platform is a great way to ensure you see the right jobs at the right time. We currently have over 7,500 school members so our registered teachers have access to thousands of jobs 365 days a year. Last year, Eteach posted over 46,000 jobs from colleges, schools, academies and private institutes across all subject areas. Creating a ‘My Eteach’ account allows you to build and create a profile that is easily accessible to schools that are looking for teachers. Your Eteach account means that you will be sent alerts specific to your

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