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Safety & Security

Securely mark, identify and track your assets and valuable equipment with Selectamark Security Systems


he Education sector loses thousands of pounds every year replacing lost, faulty and stolen items. The use of an asset tracking system within your school, college or university is a cost effective way to ensure that you can keep track of and identify important and expensive equipment.

As a leading supplier of asset labels and asset tags, Selectamark Security Systems can help you manage your assets and property. Their high quality asset labels, stencils and asset tags can be used to track your ICT equipment including PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads and projectors.

Selectamark have been protecting and registering assets for over 30 years and their products are LPS1224 accredited and supported by a database with 24/7 access to give a fully trackable marking solution for every kind of requirement. Products include SelectaLabel asset labels and SelectMark visible chemical etching products as well as SelectaDNA forensic marking products. Many Selectamark products have Secured by Design status – issued by The National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) and are police-preferred products. Selectamark’s property marking system is independently certified to the “LPS1225:Issue3 Asset Marking Systems” standard, and quality is ensured throughout the Company with its “ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems” independent certification. Low cost property marking (such as Selectamark property marking stencils) with the name and postcode of your school, college or university used in conjunction with a silver polyester SelectaLabel is ideal for deterring thieves and tracking valuable assets.

SelectaMark Stencilling is the original chemical etching system developed by the Royal Institute and patented in 1984, and is still as popular as ever. Available in different styles of lettering, and in 3 different sizes, the stencils are quick and easy to use, and can fit onto a variety of different sized items. SelectaLabel security and asset labels are fully customisable and are available in a wide range of types including Silver Laminated Polyester, Tamper Resistant PVC and TESA. Labels act as a solution to the problem of IT equipment and other valuable assets being misplaced or lost.

The ultimate theft deterrent is SelectaDNA, which combines unique DNA coding with microdot technology. SelectaDNA is used by more than 90% of UK Police forces and reduces theft and burglary by up to 83%. By using SelectaDNA to mark your property with a unique DNA identifier you can protect your school, university or college from theft and burglary. The system is a huge deterrent, as the one thing criminals fear most is…..DNA evidence.

November 2015

Marking and tracking is not just key for asset management, it also helps you identify when crucial testing is needed and helps with compliance of SFVS and complies with the DfE guidance on keeping an asset register. Selectamark’s NEW School Asset Register provides schools, colleges and universities with industry leading, affordable asset management software to help you manage your fixed asset registers of ICT equipment. School Asset Register is a cloud-based system, meaning that you can manage your assets from anywhere and is optimised to work seamlessly on all devices including mobile and tablet. Fast and accurate searching means your assets are always easy to find and the website also allows you to customise your data so that you can take full control of your asset list by storing the data that you really need.

Schools Asset Register is currently available on a free 14 day trial. You can upload your existing data to the register directly from an existing spreadsheet, which means you can easily see how School Asset Register can help you manage your fixed asset registers of ICT equipment. Visit to find out more

uTo find out more about the wide range of security solutions Selectamark can offer visit, call 01689 860757 or email 23

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