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Distribution across the miles

reputation is everything and companies aren’t successful by luck. America II has spent 25 years building its brand, refining the business, and earning its customers’ trust. “Many factors have contributed to our success, but it all comes down to our quality, inventory and people. Those are the three things most important to customers, and those are the three things we focus on. That’s been the driving force behind our longevity.” Looking to the future, America II Europe

has also recently announced plans to relocate to new upgraded premises in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, to accommodate its significant business expansion in Europe. The company advises that the move is

America II Electronics, Inc., one of the world’s largest independent distributors of semiconductors and electronic components, is celebrating its 25th year in business in 2014. This is a major achievement for the company, so Michelle Winny, Editor of Electronics speaks with the distributor to find out more and what this milestone holds for the future …


merica II, which has significant operations in the UK and Europe, as

well as its parent country, personifies the good old-fashioned American ideal of ‘service with a smile’. Globally, the distributor stocks nearly 4

billion components, so this is clearly a company that has customer satisfaction and redefining its capability to deliver at the core of its objectives. To keep pace with market demand,

America II has a global purchasing team that sources components worldwide 24 hours a day to secure hard-to-find and allocated parts. This has helped it create an inventory of more than 165,000 unique part numbers, which is said to be valued at approximately $1 billion. It also has a team of purchasing specialists that provide access to additional sourcing via a global stock locator with an inventory valued at $10 billion. Fronting this solid foundation, America

II holds the motto of, “If we don't have what you need, we'll find it for you”. While it began as a supplier focused on

the distribution of hard-to-find components, America II points out that it has transformed itself in recent years. This has been achieved through its


‘Blended Distribution model’. The distributer claims to have combined the traits of both independent and authorised distributors to better meet the needs of its customers.

AN EXTENSIVE INVENTORY While America II continues to specialise in hard-to-find and end-of-life products, it also stocks secure product directly from hundreds of manufacturers. This has allowed it to expand its offerings and foster long-term, successful relationships with its customers. Additionally, America II has a strong

offering in terms of its quality assurance. Its in-house test facility, component engineers, 10-year guarantee, and team of 59 IDEA ICE-3000 professional inspectors, enable it to work much more closely with customers in bringing products to market. Having built its success on the back of

these foundations, America II’s global parent company, headquartered in Florida, is now celebrating its 25th year in the industry, marking the occasion by unveiling a new commemorative logo; which will be used throughout the year. Michael Galinski, America II Electronics’ Chief Executive Officer said: “In business,

Figure 1:

America II celebrates 25th year in the industry, marking the occasion by unveiling a new commemorative logo, which will be used throughout the year

a result of a period of significant success and the new offices will support further expansion in operations across Europe. This will also accommodate plans for America II to recruit further employees, (particularly in terms of expanding its European language base), broadening its service capacity. Commenting on the expansion, Gill Tory,

General Manager, America II Europe said: “The last quarter has seen a general uptick across the whole industry, with Eurozone economies showing signs of recovery. But even within this context, America II Europe has had a particularly strong year.” “Following this period of notable success

we’re taking the long view with an ambitious plan to expand our operations across Europe. We have plans to expand particularly in Germany, but there are also huge opportunities for us to increase our capabilities within France, Italy, The Nordic countries and Eastern Europe. Anton Wurr, Director of Marketing at

America II Electronics, added: “America II Europe is pulling ahead in the market due to its high stock levels, focus on quality, outstanding customer service, and its innovative blended distribution model, which combines the best traits of both independent and authorised distribution. These factors have been extremely successful for the company in the US, and they are now making a positive impact in the European market.”

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