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For Millennials, learning is not a passive activity – it is participatory, immersive, and fun. Anything short of this is simply not relevant.

Believe It Is Essential to Connect wtih Causes

Over three-quarters (77%) of Millennials say they believe it is essential to connect to causes that are important to them, a trait more important to them than it is to older generations.

Interested 77.0%


Interested 3.1%

Neutral 19.9%

Millennials are Good Citizens.

Involved and volunteering in their communities, Millennials exhibit a genuine concern for people and the environment. As gleaned from the 2009 PGAV Destinations survey “Survival of the Greenest,” this age group is single-handedly fueling the Green trend. Millennials care about environmental issues, expecting attractions to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices.

Millennials represent a significant societal change in the desire of travelers to incorporate volunteerism and sustainable practices in destinations.

Implication: Millennials are not your traditional guests. They do not take leisure trips “just because,” but are looking for something that resonates with their need to make a difference.

3.85 3.90 3.95 4.00 4.05 4.10 4.15

Essential to Connect w/ Important Causes 4.10



Appealing for Special Place to Pursue Sustainable Practices

Nearly half of Millennials say it is appealing to them when special places engage in sustainable practices. Overall, they rate this practice as being much more appealing than those older.

Appealing 48.2%

30+ Years


Appealing 10.5%

Neutral 41.4%

3.00 3.10 3.20 3.30 3.40 3.50 3.60

Appeal of Sustainable Practices 3.51



30+ Years

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