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Millennials are Savvy.

Their use of technology dominates everything. Cell phones function as appendages, and Millennials’ ability with the Internet is only exceeded by their texting dexterity. According to the Pew Study, 83% of them sleep with their cell phones! In general, they make quicker travel decisions with a shorter planning cycle. Always online for information, they search for a deal, read the reviews, book it and go. The average amount of time it took to plan their last trip was only 75 days; that’s about 20% less than the amount of time it took the older generations to plan trips.

In constant contact with family and friends, Millennials are on a quest for fun and interesting things to report about their experiences. Tidbits are ideal for a flow of Tweets or Texts, and once back home, they quickly post favorite photos on their Facebook page.

Implication: Take a look at your messaging to insure it is easy to follow, timely and relevant. Be innovative in creating those memorable moments, which you can bet will be shared.

Be Cutting Edge.

Planning Time Required

Millennials plan trips in far less time (75 days) than older generations (93 days).

30% 28.1%

0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%

19.4% 17.3% 13.1% 10.3% 8.5% 4.0%

Less than 1 week

1 week 2 weeks weeks 3-4 months Millennials 1-2 months 3-4 months Older Generations 5-6

Over 6 months

8.8% 6.7%

6.2 5.5% %

13.7 12.6% %

14.0 13.4% %


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