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Troughout our study, we’ve looked at trends as they’ve evolved throughout the most recent recession in regards to why guests visit destinations, what they consider before attending, their tendency to splurge on premium experiences, and some of the top destinations that they’re looking at in 2013. Once they’re inside though – once they’ve driven all the miles, parked the car, made it through the lines and kiosks and trams, what do they do?

TURNING EMOTIONS INTO ACTIONS: WHAT GUESTS DO ON-SITE “I go places that the whole family loves.”

How do guests express these desires and emotions on site? Mostly, it’s what you’d expect: going on family and thrill rides, viewing exhibits, shooting through water rides, eating with their friends and families, shopping, and participating in educational demonstrations. Te lesson?

Designing these seven experiences so that

While the specific activities they participate in are varied and diverse, as can be expected from the wide range of destination types around the country, the roots of why they participate in these different activities are relatively the same (and prominent). Site managers and front-line staff should never underestimate the intrinsic, psychological motivations behind their guests’ activities; oftentimes, deeply understanding these motivations is the key to designing and fostering exceptional products and experiences. At the very top of this emotional list is “reconnecting with friends and family in a fun environment.” Closely tied and tailing are ‘time together with loved ones,’ ‘a fun getaway with friends and family,’ and ‘to be with others who wanted to go.’

they can give guests the achieved feeling of reconnecting with their friends and family in fun environments can optimize the guest experience for greater satisfaction, encouraging repeat visits and becoming promoters of your destination.

What percentage of respondents agree or strongly agree with the following statements?

77% 39% 54% 62% 56%

It’s important for me to have time to relax & unwind when on vacation

I look for attractions & activities that help me learn something new

It’s worth paying extra for quality goods

I actively seek out unique or “once in a lifetime” experiences

I just don’t seem to have the time to do the things I need to do

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