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It’s important to note that a destination is only as successful as it meets the aforementioned needs and desires of its visitors. In our research, we asked guests how satisfied they felt, and only 49% were somewhat or very satisfied with the quality and variety of places to eat; 41% were somewhat or very satisfied with the quality of their service; and only a third of destination visitors were somewhat

or very satisfied with their shopping experience. Te great news for destination managers is that these are well within your control and nothing a little staff training and site development couldn’t solve. Attacking these less-than-satisfactory experiences head-on could eliminate some of the most glaring visitor pain-points and provide more enjoyable, care-free experiences.

How do you determine how well a specific experience or attraction delivered on your expectations?

over-aggressiveness [from park staff], and visible security measures.”

“Lack of bullying and Customer Experience Pain Points

74% 63%

60% 56%


Employees who are indifferent or rude

Restrooms that are not clean

Rides/exhibits not operational

Aggressive tour guides, sales people, et al

Too few restrooms in accessible places

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