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STEMMER IMAGING, in conjunction with the European Imaging Academy, is running an industrial vision technology forum at the Silverstone Wing Exhibition and Conference Centre, Northamptonshire, on 22nd May

Below: a key feature of the technology forum is the flexible format, which sees a wide range of informative talks covering all aspects of machine vision - from introductory to advanced user level - harnessing content from the successful forum held recently in Germany


he industrial vision technology forum will be based on the ver- sion held in Germany in November 2013, which attracted more than 400 visitors. This event is flexible in its format and will offer a relaxed and informal environment in which to network with some of the leading figures in the vision industry. The event consists of the technology

forum itself, with the added attrac- tions of a talk by Richard Noble OBE, leader of the BLOODHOUND Project team and previous holder of the land speed record, plus a chance to enter a prize draw for two tickets

to the

British Grand Prix. Mark Williamson, director, corpo- rate market development at STEM- MER IMAGING, commented, “Education has always been an impor- tant facet of our business both for

venue. Our open days and technology days have evolved in recent years and we believe that this year’s technology forum is likely to be the biggest dedi- cated machine vision event of its kind held in the UK.”

Flexible format

A key feature of the technology forum is the flexible format, which sees a wide range of informative talks covering all aspects of machine vision - from intro- ductory to advanced user level - har- nessing content from the successful forum held recently in Germany. The emphasis will be very firmly on learn- ing rather than specific product presen- tations. Around 40 seminars will be run over five parallel ‘tracks’ and the wide range of presentations on offer means that visitors can tailor their day to their particular interests.

An additional ‘hands-on’ track will

be available which will allow people to configure a vision system them-

machine vision basics delivered by the European Imaging Academy, to the cur- rent state of the art and technological visions from different areas of imaging and machine vision to ensure that there is plenty to interest everyone.

European Imaging Academy STEMMER IMAGING’s European Imaging Academy was established in 2011 to provide independent informa- tion to people in industry looking to use machine vision. Drawing on the experience gained from delivering training courses containing strong technical content, the European Imaging Academy provides theoretical and practical training in machine vision across Europe. Lecturers from the academy will contribute signifi- cantly to the presentations in the tech- nology forum. Their training sessions are especially tailored to the needs of people working day to day with practi- cal tasks. These lecturers are experi- enced and have lots of practical ‘on the job’ vision expertise. They can provide not just the theoretical basics, but also a lot of helpful ‘hints and tips’ gained from real world experiences. People attending the technology forum will also be entitled to a 30% discount from one of the chargeable courses offered by the European Imaging Academy during 2014.

selves, with smart cameras, multi- camera compact vision systems and 3D smart cameras available to use under the guidance of experts. At the same time, over 25 machine vision manufacturers will exhibit, offering practical demonstrations of hardware and software with a wide range of technology on show. Visitors can dip in and out of the

people looking to use machine vision for the first time as well as experts looking for new technologies to solve the toughest applications. This event will suit both audiences with a choice of seminar tracks, the opportunity to meet with industry experts and the UK’s largest exhibition of machine vision technology, all in one UK


exhibition between presentations or during the formal breaks for refresh- ments and lunch. Many of the tech- nologies

or techniques discussed

during the presentations will be on show at the exhibition, so people will have a chance to follow-up the semi- nars with a live demonstrations and detailed discussions with experts. Seminar subjects will range from

The Bloodhound project During the talk by Richard Noble OBE at the technology forum, he will dis- cuss the Bloodhound SSC - the excit- ing British project to build a jet and rocket powered car designed to travel at 1,000mph and which will be attempting to set a new world land speed record in 2015. As one of the sponsors of the Bloodhound project, STEMMER IMAGING is supplying and integrating up to 11 cameras at strate- gic points on the car. A four camera system has already been delivered for testing on Bloodhound. These colour GigE cameras all stream HD resolution colour video in real time to a rugged and compact embedded vision system, and will initially be used in conjunc- tion with other engineering sensors to observe what is happening around the vehicle during testing.

STEMMER IMAGING T: 01252 780 000

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