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22 l January 2014


Cables with a

WE COULD have started 2014 with a round-up of advances in the world of cable technology. We could have... but we didn’t. Instead, we thought we’d ask cable manufacturers some slightly tangential questions about their products, and see what solutions they could come up with in each scenario. Their collected responses,

we’re sure you will agree, make one of the most illuminating features about a rather unexciting subject in, arguably, the entire history of PSNEurope. (Well, we would say that.) Judge for yourselves which is the most durable, flexible,

Cables. Made of the finest copper, fire resistant, deliver the highest quality audio, blah blah blah. But, what if your need to tow another driver on the highway? Or the head of state is coming round to jam with your band? Just how practical is your cable then, asks Dave Robinson


practical and, ultimately, the key to saving Fido. Participating in the drama:

Pascal Miguet (PM), SOMMER Cable; Chris D’Aguiar (CD), VDC/Van Damme; Jürg Vogt (JV), VOVOX; David Spanbok (DS), Direct Cable Systems; Bob Vanden Burght (BVB), Link Eurocable; and Matthew Fletcher (MF), HHB/Mogami.

Q1: You’re out walking by the cliffs, when your excitable pet border collie stumbles and falls on to a ledge. You’re going to have to make a sling and lower it down to the pooch, over rough rock edges… Which cable are you going to choose for the job?

...Strap this one to your bumper, Mr ‘Hard Luck on the Hard Shoulder’!

Pascal Miguet (PM): This question makes me a bit nervous because I’m not exactly known to be a friend of dogs. But… I’d try to empathise with a dog lover and then probably use the SOMMER Cable Tempoflex. This one has an indestructible outer jacket and a bite resistant aramid inlay, if the collie is

anxious after the rough descent – we have already checked out the cable on many dogs! (And all animals rejoiced in the best of health afterwards.) Jürg Vogt (JV): Poor dog! Too bad that we produce sound conductors and not just ordinary cables. Having a heart for the clumsy collie would nevertheless

of polyester fibres combined with high quality polymers (elongation at break >800%) make this cable durable and strong.

Chris D’Aguiar (CD): The Van Damme Black Series range of tour-grade audio multicores would be perfect for this. Even though its construction involves an overall braided screen and a special PVC composite for a rugged outer jacket, it still maintains great flexibility, strength and durability.

The 48-pair would make a good

chew toy – it would last forever

Chris D’Aguiar, VDC

Don’t worry, old canine chum, help is at hand with the SOMMER Cable Tempoflex!

And here’s the collie in question, complete with Eurocable sling!

save him with the VOVOX link direct SD. Although it’s a solid core-based cable (like all VOVOX cables), both the dog and the cable would still be OK after the rescue. A tear-resistant woven cable jacketing made

One of our customers from the Outside Broadcast sector actually took a sample of our audio multicore and rubbed it vigorously against the corner of a brick wall to simulate the stresses it would be put under. Suffice to

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