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Dark Rides


& Safari Tüneli Vialand, Istanbul

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When Turkey’s first theme park opened in June, it debuted with more dark rides than rollercoasters. By the time Fatih’in Rüyasi is open this autumn, Vialand in Istanbul will boast four dark rides, versus three coasters. The aforementioned attraction, a boat ride with over 100 animatronic figures by Heimotion and a storyline based around the conquest of Istanbul, promises perhaps to be the park’s most unique dark ride. Certainly the least original of the four is Minik Kasifler, a clone of It’s a Small World. Sitting side by side in the Macera Dünyasi (Adventure Zone) area are two further dark rides that each deserve a little recognition. Both were equipped with trackless 4-seater Mystic Mover vehicles by ETF Ride Systems. Zindan is a classic ghost train style attraction with some quite gory scenes, all courtesy of Heimotion. Unlike traditional carnival or fairground versions of the ride, however, the 10 cars move through the attraction quite slowly, as the various props and effects steadily emerge from

the darkness. As the building is pitch black inside, it’s quite a shock when they do. Housed inside a similar thatched roof building as Zindan is Safari Tüneli (pictured right), an interactive dark ride featuring a combination of themed scenes and 3D media content.

The attraction was delivered on a turnkey basis by P&P Projects, ETF and Alterface.Passengers, or players, are taken on a safari ride through the jungle, a tribal village and the savannah as they fight against ivory looters using their on-board shooters. P&P was responsible for the overall design of the ride and production of its scenery, which is complemented by four screens of back- projected 3D CGI game play. Seven Mystic Mover ride vehicles are employed on the attraction.

Alterface says the ride represents the first realisation of its GameRide concept, fusing on- screen shooting with physical targets. The same media content, titled African Magic, is available for use by other parks and attractions and was developed by the Belgian company with a “real time engine. This means the images are rendered live rather then pre-rendered as in a cartoon, and also allows for more interactivity.

Every on-screen object, target or background can be triggered at anytime to provoke a reaction. “We have designed a fully fledged compact dark ride solution which matches the quality of rides usually reserved to the very big theme parks,” boasts Alterface’s Olivier Vincent. “The theming and content are easy to adapt and refresh, allowing operators to improve the return on their investment by offering new experiences within the ride’s existing boundaries.”

Safari Tüneli – featuring multiple live and 3D/CGI targets

Safari Tüneli Safari Tüneli Zindan



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