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Light side

Best of the ‘Light side’—from 1988 A

t a worship service celebrating the beginning of the ELCA, the words printed in the bulletin for “A Mighty Fortress” brought new meaning to Martin Luther’s admonition to sin boldly: “Let goods and kindred

go, this moral life also ....” Nan Schroeder Cedar Rapids, Iowa

We live near Highway 316 in Welch, Minn. Our 8-year-old son’s Sunday school teacher asked the class, “Does anyone know about John 3:16?” Our

son answered, “No, but I know a John who lives on 316.” Darwin and Cheryl Fox Welch, Minn.

One of our 5-year-olds recently asked his mom and dad on the way home from worship, “Why does pastor always read from St. Paul but never from

St. Louis?” Dewey Wisner St. Charles, Mo.

My 3-year-old grandson was having problems at nursery school with a little girl who pinched and punched him. His dad advised him to tell her it wasn’t nice. When it happened again his mom asked if he did what his dad told him to do. “No,” he responded, “But I took care of it. I asked God to turn her into

a rabbit.” William E. Smith Crouse, N.C.


When we received a chilly reception from one man while distributing fliers door-to- door for our Sunday school picnic, I told my 7-year-old daughter the man was likely gruff because of another religious group noted for its persistent door-to-door mis- sionary work. My daughter replied, “Well, he was wrong. We’re not religious; we’re

Lutherans!” Joyce Miller Bean Chicago

I asked the first year confirmation class at Mauldin, S.C., “Who is Martin Luther?” A teenage boy replied eagerly, “He was the guy who invented

“She’s legendary! Her bulletin bloopers have made no less than eight Lutheran ‘Light Sides.’ ”

The Lutheran.” Rodney W. Parrott Charleston, S.C.

In 2008, The Lutheran celebrated 20 years of the “Light side” page with a little book called Laugh- ing with Lutherans (Skandisk), including the best jokes and cartoons, and even a study guide. It is still available ($8.95) by calling 800-468-2424.

all are.” Sharon Arnold West Palm Beach, Fla.

One night our regular organist, Grace, was late to our Search Bible Study, which usu- ally opens with a hymn. A reluctant replace- ment was laboring through the first verse until Grace arrived. Someone quipped, “Ah,

saved by Grace.” James A. Darchuk Libby, Mont.

A 4-year-old greeted me after worship dur- ing this year’s Olympics by saying, “Hi, Pastor. I see the cross around your neck is

silver. You must be in second place.” Paul M. Youngdahl Minneapolis

Young people from St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Lake Worth, Fla., which still has worship services in both English and Finnish, were recently on a youth trip to the Florida Keys. While in a diving shop the equipment manager asked the group, “How many fins?” One of the girls answered, “We

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