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Synod assemblies

promise that “blessed are the peace- makers” by advocating for a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict in Israel and Palestine through negotia- tions toward a two-state solution. • Affirmed Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service’s five principles for comprehensive immigration reform.

Bishop Bill Gafkjen of the Indiana-Kentucky Synod stands before “Bound Together.” Linda Witte Henke created the tapestry by weav- ing strips of fabric from synod congregations through panels of poultry netting.

Upper Susquehanna, June 14-15, Selins- grove, Pa. • Endorsed the “The Church and Criminal Justice: Hearing the Cries” as a social statement of the ELCA in accordance with policies and procedures for addressing social concerns. The Churchwide Assem- bly will vote on the proposed social statement at its August meeting. • Asked the Churchwide Assembly to encourage members and leaders to call on lawmakers to commit to facilitating a just and peaceful reso- lution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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employment discrimination based on sexual or gender identity. • Sup- ported the Uniting American Fami- lies Act. • Memorialized the Church- wide Assembly to request that all synods inform their congregations about the location of their county jails, private for-profit prisons or any other detention facilities that hold immigration detainees, and to encourage congregations to engage in visitation programs to these facili- ties and create community support programs for those granted alterna- tives to detention.

Grand Canyon, June 14-15, Mesa, Ariz. • Changed its constitution to open the way for giving voice and vote at its assemblies to ordained ministers from the ELCA’s full communion partners.

40 The Lutheran •

Northern Illinois, June 14-15, Rock Island, Ill. • Furthered the movement toward improved mental health by requesting that congregations discuss the ELCA Church Council’s social message on “The Body of Christ and Mental Ill- ness,” and by calling upon Congress to provide adequate funding for compre- hensive mental health care. • Defeated a resolution on gun violence.

Northeastern Pennsylvania, June 14-15, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. • Called upon the Churchwide Assembly to offer vocal and public support for the Uniting American Families Act. • Sought an end to employment discrimination on the basis of gender or sexuality, and for immigration reform. • Called for conversations about ministering to same-gender couples and their families. • Embodied the scriptural

Metropolitan Washington, D.C., June 21-22, Lansdown, Va. • Asked that the ELCA be directed to develop and implement social-criteria invest- ment screens that pertain to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. • Called for conversation about ministering to same-gender couples and their families. • Supported legislation pro- hibiting employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. • Backed the Uniting American Families Act. • Memo- rialized the Churchwide Assembly to develop an “investment screen for civilian firearms” to be used by those responsible for investing church funds and by Portico Benefit Services as it develops criteria for the ELCA Retirement Social Pur- pose Funds. • Asked the Churchwide Assembly to designate June 22, 2014, as Refugee Sunday in recogni- tion of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service’s 75 years of wel- coming migrants and refugees. 

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