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Education Round-Up

Back to School with the Post-it Brand from 3M W

ith the average UK household spending £35.84 on

stationery during the back to school period, the summer months are a high priority for the market. As consumers look to well-known brands to help them ‘kit-out’ their child ready for school, the Post-it Brand from 3M has launched a number of new products specifically aimed at pupils and students in time for this key period in the stationery buying cycle.

Perfect for older students is a handy ruler pack, with nine different index tabs and arrows. Mounted on a hole-punched ruler, the tabs enable easy marking of important text and pages. RSP £7.20. Also new are the Post-it Super Sticky Full Adhesive Notes. With a larger adhesive area, this innovative evolution of the traditional Post-it Note offers more versatility and superior sticking power on vertical and most types of surfaces. One of the unique features of the new Full Adhesive note is that you can stick the entire pad to something useful like a folder or notebook ensuring you always have a note handy just when you need one. RSP £2.99.

Embracing the increased use of tablets and laptops both at home and school, the Post-it Brand from 3M is launching a refillable laptop note dispenser. The dispensers come in packs of three (green, pink and grey). Each refillable dispenser comes with a pad of Post-it Super Sticky Canary Yellow Z-Notes. RSP £3.50.

Simon Williams, brand manager of the Post-it Brand at 3M says: “Bright colours and product innovation are key factors for Back to School success. These three new products are all eye-catching, different and offer real functionality for students and pupils.”

Funded travelling fellowships for aspiring head teachers A

re you an aspiring head teacher? The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and The Farmington Trust are looking for aspiring heads at secondary level, to research educational values and standards, new developments in teaching, and to improve their leadership skills. If you would like to travel overseas to experience, observe and research best practices in other countries, to improve your ability as a future head teacher, then why not apply for a life-changing travelling fellowship? The Trusts will be awarding four travelling fellowships in their 2014 Education category, and the application process is now open. This collaboration is the second year of a three- year partnership between the two Trusts. It aims to encourage aspiring head teachers to develop their moral leadership skills, in order to have a positive impact on their pupils, and to gain a wider experience of the most effective leadership methods. Successful applicants will become part of the Farmington Network of Fellows, and some costs of replacement staff may be covered if you are selected to travel abroad.

As a newly appointed deputy principal during his Fellowship, Chris Gabbett was appointed to become Principal of Trinity Catholic School in Warwickshire within two months of completing his final Fellowship report. Chris has also completed pedagogy research at Oxford University, and he is currently completing a PhD at Warwick University. Chris has also written

May 2013

articles on his teaching experiences for the Guardian Teacher Network.

Amongst those travelling this year, in this category, is Aidan Dowle, visiting the USA to investigate inspired school leadership in areas of deprivation.

This year the Trusts expect to award over 130 opportunities. Applications are judged purely on project merit, and these opportunities are available to adults of any age, gender, religion or ethnicity.

Successful applicants will receive an average Fellowship grant of £6000, covering travel, food, accommodation and insurance for approximately 6 weeks overseas. 29

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