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Feature Interview

Q&A with Oliver Proudlock

Tell us a bit about Serge DeNîmes. Who is the Serge man?

Serge DeNîmes is a young, urban brand with an emphasis on the quality of the T-shirts themselves and also the print. I want to make sure I am creating the best graphics possible, with unique designs.

I’ve been interested in fashion from a young age. I studied fine art for four years at Newcastle University and since the age of 16 I’ve printed my artwork onto T-shirts, so when I came back to London in June 2011, I set up Serge, starting with the first collection of tees.

The Serge man is young, style-conscious and out there living their dream – doing something they love, being passionate and creative.

Where does the SDN name come from?

The name is related to the origin of denim. The term ‘serge’ was coined for the way the cotton was woven in Nîmes, France. DeNîmes (meaning ‘of Nîmes’) eventually became the word denim which we all know today! I was researching the history as I plan to introduce denim pieces to the brand and I wanted the name to reflect where I see the brand is headed.

Your latest range of t-shirts features illustrations of Kanye West, President Obama and Lil Wayne. Why those three?

When it came to doing the new range of tees I was just looking to what

was inspiring me.

I’m big into music and listening to a lot of hip hop right now, especially Lil Wayne and Kanye.

I was originally going to do three rappers with Jay-Z as well, but then decided to mix it up a bit and throw in another iconic figure so I went with Obama ‘cus I think he has a cool vibe and comes across as very laid-back, different to your usual president.

Which SDN T-shirt is your favourite?

It varies, but right now my favourite is the Serge DeNîmes Block T-Shirt in black.

We hear you are planning to launch denimwear. When can we expect it to hit the shelves?

I want to let the brand grow organically, so slowly over the next year bring in little bits of denim. Our denim caps are out now. We’re also working on some denim rucksacks. I’m going to start incorporating bits of denim in the T-shirts, then maybe in a year’s time I’ll start doing jeans.

What will distinguish Serge DeNimes denim from all the other denim brands out there?

Denim has got to last so the quality of the denim will be really good – the best, in fact! Also the cut is obviously very important so I’ll be spending a lot of time making sure that’s right. Then, bringing in little details to make the pieces stand out, such as different colours on the stitching etc. My vision for the denimwear is still evolving which is why I want to take my time and get it right, starting with the accessories we’re introducing.

Can you describe your personal style in just 3 words?

Urban, eclectic, laid-back. You’ve

mentioned that style-wise you’re

inspired by the 70’s and the 90’s... what is it that draws you to those decades?

When I was a kid I always used to look up to my dad’s style. I used to raid his wardrobe and have loads of his old 70’s jackets. Also watching films from around that period, there was some really cool styling going on. In terms of the 90’s I love the whole leather jacket and big-tee vibe that was going on. I like to mix and match a little bit of everything!

What made you decide to set up your style blog

I often get asked about the clothes I wear, so I thought this would be a great way to give people a direct insight into the clothes and brands that I like. I’m actually going to develop the blog into a full site. There’ll be a street- style section, collaborations with different brands,


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