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some. The shoes will have one design and come in three different colors. “We’re hoping to have them out by October 2013. The price is going to be fairly reasonable.”

The outgoing, charismatic Burroughs continues to give back to the sport by making appearances around the country, including doing a number of camps and clinics.

His number of followers on his popular

Twitter page – alliseeisgold – has grown from 22,000 followers before the Olympics to more than 60,000 since his win in London.

He also launched his own website – – where he has written a number of blogs about wrestling. He’s offered advice on weight manage- ment along with talking about the day he won the Olympics, why he chose to wres- tle collegiately at Nebraska and how he got started in the sport. “It’s been fun to write the blogs – it’s liberating,” he said. “On Twitter, you only have 140 characters to express how you feel and that’s not enough for me. I have endless words for my blogs, and now I can engage and be more intimate with my followers. “It’s been an awesome experience. It’s been cool and it’s something I have enjoyed doing.”

Burroughs said he’s watched the video of his gold medal win over Iran’s Sadegh Goudarzi “a bunch of times.” “It’s a moment I never want to forget,” he said. “It’s been the greatest memory of my life. It was very special and very cool. It was something I worked extremely hard for.

“Everything went perfect for me that

day. I had a great support system with my family, coaches, training partners and friends that helped me get this done. I feel super blessed that I was able to seize the moment.”

Burroughs has gained attention around the U.S. for his gold-medal run. “It’s an honor and a privilege to repre- sent my country,” he said. “I’ve run into people who say they never wrestled who told me they respect what I did for this country. That means a lot to me. “It’s been an awesome ride. It’s been super sweet to win an Olympic gold medal. I’ve had a dream of winning the Olympics for a long time and it’s been great to finally accomplish my goal.” Burroughs has gained attention for his bold predictions on Twitter, but he remains humble and grounded. “Jordan’s the same guy he was a cou-

8 USA Wrestler

Jordan Burroughs won two NCAA titles at Nebraska before bursting onto the international scene and winning a World title in 2011. John Sachs photo.

ple of years ago when he was still in col- lege,” said Nebraska coach Mark Manning, who serves as Burroughs’ per- sonal coach. “He is a very likeable, down- to-earth and mature young man. “Jordan works very hard and he is very coachable. He is very confident in his abilities, and his actions back up his words.”

Burroughs said his posts on Twitter are “not meant to be cocky or arrogant.” “It’s just confidence,” he said. “I’m not just a guy that’s out there talking. I know how much time and work I put in to pre- pare myself to compete. Being on Twitter is something I really enjoy doing and it’s a way to relate to the people that follow me.

“Winning the Olympics has given me a

platform that has enabled me to encour- age and motivate people to do the things

they love in life. I am doing what I love, and I’m encouraging other people to do the same thing and not be afraid to chase their dreams and goals.”

Burroughs has been approached about competing in mixed martial arts, but for now he’s set on wrestling. And chasing John Smith’s record of six straight titles.

“I don’t want to get punched in the face,” Burroughs said with a laugh. “If I’m a two-time Olympic champ, I don’t want to go into the fight game. I’m excelling at wrestling and I will stick with wrestling. “I’m not really interested in fighting right


Burroughs knows top young American wrestlers like Andrew Howe, Kyle Dake and David Taylor will be gunning for him at the U.S. Open and U.S. World Team

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