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A Barbican Business

Balance your blood sugar, boost your energy, improve your diet

If you struggle with fluctuating energy levels, weight loss, digestive or other troubles relating to what you eat Zeller Pimlott, Barbican resident and Nutritionist, could be the therapist for you.


lients most commonly seek Zeller’s advice for digestive,

skin and

weight problems, general malaise or pre-


Established 1979 Specialising in:

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conception diets. Frequent pitfalls are not eating regular meals at work, poor quality of protein, too much refined carbs and a cycle of combating fatigue with caffeine and sugar. My teenage daughter and I sought her services when we were constantly disagreeing about what should go into a school packed lunch. As the mother of two teenagers, Zeller is experienced in this minefield too. Throughout childhood Zeller

constantly helped her overweight parents with diets and learned early on that nutrition is a way to optimise health and prevent illness. She chose biochemistry as a first career, spent some time in the City as an analyst programmer retrained as

and then a nutritional

therapist after she had children. When you meet Zeller her lovely calm and encouraging character is reassuring.

After consideration of your

thoughtful lifestyle,

health and what you currently eat and like, she will recommend dietary changes

that are incremental,

modest and manageable. For us

she raised our protein

intake, maintained constant blood sugar and energy levels with either oat-based breakfast cereal or egg on multigrain toast, advised only one

To arrange a consultation, please contact Zeller directly on 020 7920 9647 or 07909 330 288 or email

coffee in the morning, less sweet snacks

healthy throughout the day and

proper lunch and supper. A selection of

mid-morning and

afternoon snacks acceptable to teens were identified and tried with excellent results. We also now blend a handful of Waitrose spinach, rocket and watercress salad with a kiwi or orange and lots of water to make a healthy, hydrating drink pre- breakfast and for mid-afternoon. Such an improvement to energy levels

impressive yet the dietary changes required seem small. In addition to nutritional therapy

consultations, Zeller Pimlott runs regular five-week nutrition courses (45

minute weekly lunchtime

session) for small groups. Topics covered include: healthy breakfasts to start the day well, choosing healthy lunches,

facts about fats

and how to include more fruits and vegetables in your

diet. A new

development starting in the New Year is that the nutrition course will also be available online. She is available for Monday

consultations afternoons on at Cissors

Palace, Lauderdale Place, Barbican EC2Y 8BY; Tuesdays – mainly mornings - at The Body Repair Therapy Room,

Golden Lane

Leisure Centre, Fann Street, EC1Y 0SH.

throughout the day is

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