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Show special HPC 2012

presenting its Tier-0 infrastructure of petascale systems and its services in training and supporting users in porting, scaling and optimising key applications to make effective use of the three billion core hours granted to scientists through a rigorous peer review process.

At ISC’12, Q-Leap Networks showcased Qlustar, a contender in the field of public HPC cluster operating systems. Qlustar puts an end to node provisioning and takes the concern out of installing Linux HPC Clusters. It is the first professional Ubuntu/Debian-based HPC solution that is designed to scale from small departmental clusters to multi-thousand node supercomputers, and its core is a lightweight modular compute-node kernel that is generated using a 3rd generation OS image generator. Images are modular, composed of a core and optional modules for additional functionality, run completely in RAM and typically have a size of approx. 100-150MB, installed as regular OS packages.

RSC Group (#4721), a leading Russian full cycle HPC

solution provider, will demonstrate the RSC Tornado at SC12. RSC Tornado is a cutting-edge, energy-efficient and scalable solution with liquid cooling from 50

At SC12, Rogue Wave Software (#3418) will be featuring TotalView, a highly- scalable debugger that provides troubleshooting for a variety of applications. A GUI-based source code defect analysis tool, TotalView gives developers what Rogue Wave states is unprecedented control over processes and thread execution and visibility into program state and variables. It allows developers to debug one or many processes and/or threads with complete control over program execution. TreadSpotter is an advanced

performance optimisation product for single and multi-


Tflops miniDC to large multi-Pflop supercomputers, and a computing efficiency ratio of more than 92 per cent on Linpack. It is a flexible and green design

based on widely-available standard server motherboards with Intel Xeon E5-2690 processors, Intel SSD, high- speed InfiniBand FDR interconnects and co-processor support. In addition, RSC BasIS, the company’s HPC soſtware stack, manages clusters in an energy-efficient way to deliver more than 60 per cent power savings with an industry-record PUE of less than 1.06.

ScaleMP highlighted its soſtware- based vSMP Foundation solutions at ISC’12, that enable users to aggregate up to 128 industry standard servers as a single, virtual SMP system of up to 16,384 cores and 64TB of shared RAM. vSMP Foundation delivers high- core counts and large amounts of shared memory in a single execution environment for static and on-demand environments – utilising traditional provisioning and scheduling systems. ScaleMP showcased how a many integrated core (Intel MIC) system can be virtualised so that all processors and all memory appear as a single system enabling hundreds of cores to be available to all applications.

Appearing at ISC’12, ttgLabs is a Russian provider of technologies

At SC12, Spectra Logic (#412) will present the Spectra Logic T-Finity, a modern design that offers what the company says is industry-leading scalability with the speed necessary to meet the requirements of the most data- intensive environments in the world. T-Finity redefines what customers should expect from

and solutions that address the problem of application optimisation for hardware platforms with GPUs. It has solid expertise in auto tuning applications for supercomputers and HPC systems of hybrid architecture (CPU+GPU) within the MPI, OpenMP, Cuda, and OpenCL paradigms. Te company showcased

the TTG Apptimizer developer toolkit, that enables programmers to optimise computationally- intensive applications for GPU- contained systems. It also enables users to easily work around problems such as efficient usage of processing units, dynamic load balancing, selecting the optimal computational core and detecting the required level of parallelism.

The University of Illinois and its National Center for Supercomputing Applications (#1030)

threaded applications that analyses memory bandwidth and latency, data locality and thread communications/interaction, in order to pinpoint performance issues. It then guides the developer to the location of the issues in the source code.

are addressing the challenges and opportunities of parallel computing at all scales, from portable personal devices of ever-growing power to petascale supercomputers like Blue Waters. Attendees at SC12 will be able to learn more about the 11+ petaflop Blue Waters system, NCSA’s big data capabilities (including a 380 PB archive), and how these resources will be harnessed to improve understanding of severe weather, astrophysics, the molecular mechanisms of disease, and much more. Visitors to the booth will also

modern tape archive and backup solutions, with comprehensive features and significant CapEx and OpEx savings. Its unique design can scale to 3.6 EB of compressed capacity with TS1140 technology tape drives. Tis extreme capacity can be stored without giving up the density and ease of management that are hallmarks of Spectra enterprise libraries. Visitors to the booth can discover how the T-Finity library is getting the NCSA Blue Waters project to 380 Pbytes. bluewaters

get the chance to play Flops Fever, the mobile game designed and programmed by University of Illinois students. extreme-scale

At ISC’12, Whamcloud

demonstrated Chroma Enterprise storage

solutions, which put scalable, high-performance parallel storage within practical reach of enterprises and institutions that have storage-intensive, distributed applications. Purpose-built to deliver truly

scalable and high-performance storage, Chroma Enterprise combines Whamcloud’s Enterprise Lustre high-performance storage system – proven at large-scale high-performance computing sites worldwide – with comprehensive browser-based management and simple but powerful monitoring features.

Xyratex is a provider of data storage technology, including modular solutions for the high- performance computing and enterprise data storage markets, as well as hard disk drive capital equipment for the HDD industry. At ISC’12, the company highlighted the ClusterStor family of HPC data storage solutions deliver impressive Lustre performance, reliability and ease of management.

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