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Welcome to the first edition of our high-performance computing yearbook, HPC 2012. As the team behind Scientific Computing World, we have the privilege of reporting on the technological advances that change the face of HPC, as they happen. Many of these changes have a profound impact on science and engineering, as well as society more widely, and with that in mind we hope that this annual publication will offer a distinctive view of the industry, providing insight into today’s, and a guide to tomorrow’s, achievements. We begin by taking a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges

HPC facilities

The challenges that come with running a world-class HPC centre


How to ensure that the right HPC infrastructure is in place


Integration in high-performance computing environments


A look at whether memory is being taken for granted

Networking Exploring the vital role of interconnects Processing

Enabling software to achieve maximum performance from hardware resources

IDC analysis

An IDC report on the use of high-end high-performance computing

Storage The storage landscape in 2012 and beyond Workload management

Why workload management has become an essential tool for the HPC administrator

Show and tell 28 Technology highlights from the year’s most important exhibitions 24 20 18 16 14

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of running a world-class high-performance computing facility, before turning our attention to the critical topics of infrastructure and integration. Further feature topics include memory, networking, processing, storage and workload management – all of which come together to provide an overview of HPC. Completing the yearbook are an IDC report on use of high- end HPC, and a show special that highlights some of this year’s notable product developments.

Beth Harlen, Editor

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