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Water Level Management

Bedford Pumps’ new SAF Range of Fish Friendly pumps

the land drainage industry, are not the typical axial flow pumpsets traditionally used in flood defence applications. Hatfield Brook is home to an eel population and under the new EU Eel

regulations the pumps must be certified as being “fish and eel friendly” in order to preserve the life of the aquatic inhabitants.

EU legislation brought into effect in 2007, “EU Eel Regulations”, states that each Member State shall implement appropriate measures to reduce eel mortality. In 2009 UK legislation empowered the Environment Agency to undertake activity to satisfy the EU regulations. To this effect the Environment Agency can serve notice where the safe passage of eels is impeded and enforce a resolution to preserve the lives of eels and fish.

Bedford Pumps’ new SAF Range of Fish Friendly pumps have undergone rigorous tests by VisAdvies BV, an independent research consultancy in the field of water management focusing on the environment of fish in all types of inland waterways. The tests have proven that Bedford Pumps new hydraulic design will pump pass eels without mortality thereby complying with the EU legislation introduced to tackle the rapid decline in global populations of the common eel. This legislation is specific to the eel population but it is generally accepted by all concerned that protecting fish stocks is an added bonus of utilising this type of pump. Eel and fish friendly pumping solutions will shortly become a requirement at the majority of

pumping stations and water extraction points where eel populations have been identified. In addition to protecting the fish, the new design demonstrates a significant improvement in hydraulic efficiency resulting in an 8% reduction in power absorbed. Consequently the new range will satisfy two of the Environment Agency’s objectives of eel protection and carbon reduction.

Bedford Pumps has supplied two Submersible Canister Pumps complete with fabricated steel canisters, cables, lifting chains and Pump Condition Monitors to Galliford Try, for the Environment Agency. These will operate at a duty of 2100 l/s at 4.5m head. Each pump will be fitted with Bedford Pumps’ innovative Fish Friendly impeller, to enable the eels to pass through the hydraulic passages unimpeded. Bedford Pumps’ standard SAF range of Fish Friendly pumps cover from 400 to 7,000 l/s at 2 to 6m head and are ideally suited for Land Drainage, Flood Defence and Fish Farm applications. Larger capacity pumps can also be designed to meet specific requirements.

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