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Barbican Life Website and Community

Partnership with Eventility Barbican resident Satu Pitkanen talks us through some of the changes which have been implemented so far on the Barbican Life website to help it serve the Barbican community better.

• We have a new live community ‘feed’ which lets you search for events to attend, groups to join, and exclusive offers happening in and around the Barbican

• Restaurant reviews will have a summary

• There are new advertising areas on the site

The new changes are phase one of T

hose of you looking at the Barbican Life Website will have noticed a few changes to the site – we’re updating

it to help fulfil our mission of serving the Barbican community better. Our aim is for the new site to act as the community information ‘hub’ for all things Barbican for residents, businesses and anyone wanting to know more about the Barbican Estate, and also to improve Barbican community communication.

What’s new on the site? • Well, for a start it has a new look, gone is the black and in is a much brighter, cleaner look

• We now have a ‘Latest News’ section which is a ‘Stop Press’ type of area for urgent and important community announcements

• The left hand navigation has been updated and rationalised to make it easier to travel around the site

• We've added new information and new pages

• There are now easy social networking icon links to Barbican Life Twitter and the new Barbican Life Facebook page

the work in progress and we will carry on upgrading and evolving over time. But it’s not just a one-way process, we’re looking to Barbican residents, businesses, visitors and everyone else to get involved, we want this to be a community project. So, let us know what you want to see, any local news or just share why you love the Barbican. Email us at or with your ideas. The most ground-breaking new feature on the website is the Barbican Life Community ‘feed’. This is powered by Eventility, the online platform for people organising events, clubs, groups, communities and venues. This searchable feed is updated live, and lets you find out exactly what’s happening in the Barbican community, from local events to clubs/groups, venues and offers from local businesses. To power the feed we’ve set up a

Barbican Life Community: on Eventility, meaning we can easily link together local residents, clubs, venues and businesses into one big, mutually beneficial, community. Residents and clubs are encouraged to register free with the Barbican Life Community on Eventility, so they can receive ‘Daily Digest’/’What's On’ emails, as well as any local daily offers. They also have access to free group and event organisation tools. Local clubs, groups or communities

who register with the community also have access to Eventility’s free organisational tools to manage their group members, including: • One click updates all email and SMS communications,

• Events hub to easily plan and deliver events,

• Ability to promote ticketed events, • Collect subscription payments via your website,

• Single click updates to social media and

• Full content control to make things public or private.

• Comes with the ability to power the following on your website - a "buy a subscription" area, a "join our club" area, an "events tickets" area or all three!

• Gives clubs and groups the ability to monetise their community by partnering with local or relevant businesses.

• Access to statistics and connected data

• Their members will also be able to access Eventility for powerful organisation and promotion tools. For local businesses, Eventility is a

great way to connect and engage with existing and new contacts within the Barbican community and it gives them the ability to run hyper-local (relevant highly targeted local) community offers for residents, and generally, helps them promote themselves more effectively. Businesses also get the use of Eventility as a powerful communications and promotion tool for their business and events. For more information of how

Eventility can help local businesses visit subscriptions There’s even an Eventility Android phone App with a fun and useful augmented reality ‘On The Horizon’ feature which lets you ‘see’ where events are being held. You can then save them to a calendar and share them with friends, family and the world at large straight from the App via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS. Overall, there are lot of great new

things happening, the Barbican area is a fantastic place to live, work and socialise, so why not get involved and: Join the free Barbican Life Community

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