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Technological milestones BEST. THING. EVER.

This year, PSNLIVE asked live sound equipment manufacturers, ‘What is your Best Thing Ever? What is your single greatest technology, decision, product or achievement that has meant more to the wider world of live sound and production than anything else you’ve done? And can you justify that (in less than 150 words too, if you don’t mind…)?’ H

Here’s what they told us…

DESIGNING A COMPLETE “SYSTEM CONCEPT/REALITY” Werner ‘Vier’ Bayer, product manager

Why? “Right from the outset, the d&b audiotechnik System concept was to build integrated sound reinforcement systems that were more than the sum of their parts. As the name implies, a d&b System is not just a loudspeaker, nor is it merely a sum of the components: loudspeakers, control electronics, amplification, mechanical accessories and remote control. Each element is tightly specified, precisely aligned and carefully integrated to achieve maximum possible performance, along with neutral sound characteristics. “The pioneering decision that d&b made back in 1983 to

uncompromisingly combine all the above parameters was probably the most defining within the company's 30-year history. This was closely followed by offering integrated training, technical information, expert service and support, as well as developing a knowledgeable distribution network, so that the same optimal acoustic result is achieved by every system anywhere, at any time… resulting in what we now call the d&b System reality.”

A WAVE-SHAPING DEVICE Jesse Adamson, director of marketing and sales, Adamson

Why?“With multiple patents granted, the Adamson Co-Linear Drive Module is the only single mid- and high-frequency wave shaping solution in the industry. It debuted in the Y-Axis series in 1999 and a vastly improved iteration is found in the groundbreaking E15 system. The unique device loads and propagates the mid- and high-frequency energy coaxially using a ‘sound chamber within a sound chamber’. Both mid and high wavefronts are allowed to change shape until they emerge from three parallel slots at the co-linear’s exit where they are fed into a common waveguide. The high frequency slot is centred, with the mid balanced on both sides. The result is an extremely efficient single source of mid high energy that eliminates lobing and smear.”

A KICK DRUM MIC Cliff Castle, Audix co-founder

Why? “A kick drum is assigned to the first channel in a mixing console, the first microphone to be line checked, the centrepiece on a stage and the heartbeat of a musical performance. The D6 is a rare combination of form, functionality and performance.

“Designed, machined, assembled and tested by Audix in the US, the D6 is a very convenient size, is easy to position, provides an extremely accurate, natural sound without EQ and handles very high SPLs without distortion. The capsule is a proprietary ‘Very Low Mass’ technology which enables the microphone to react quickly and accurately to incoming signals.

“The D6 is an innovative, eloquent microphone that stands above all other kick drum mics. Although rarely seen, because of its positioning within the confines of a drum, it’s the single most important contribution that Audix has made to professional live sound.”

d&b V Series at the Teenage Cancer Trust series of concerts, Royal Albert Hall PSNLIVE 2012 l 33

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