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ScaleMP (#311) will be highlighting its soſtware-based vSMP Foundation solutions that enable users to aggregate up to 128 industry standard servers as a single, virtual SMP system of up to 16,384 cores and 64TB of shared RAM. vSMP Foundation delivers high-core counts and large amounts of shared memory in a single execution environment for static and on-demand environments – utilising traditional provisioning and scheduling systems. ScaleMP will be showcasing how a many integrated core (Intel MIC) system can be virtualised so that all processors and all memory appear as a single system enabling hundreds of cores to be available to all applications.

Schroff (#842) solutions feature standard, off-the-shelf and customer-specific integrated enclosures and

front panels for open architecture bus-based applications, including VME, VME64x, VITA31.1 (VXS), VITA 41, CompactPCI, PXI, MicroTCA, AdvancedMC and AdvancedTCA. Te multifunctional cabinet and cooling platforms, combined with xTCA systems, deliver a solution that can be tailored to individual requirements.

Spectra Logic (#159) defines, designs and delivers innovative data protection through tape and disk-based backup, recovery and archive storage products. Te company challenges expectations of the data protection market with intelligent, integrated and simple- to-use archive technologies. Troughout its 30- plus year history, Spectra has delivered high- density, feature-rich storage with impressive service and support to customers worldwide.

Rogue Wave Software (#550) is an independent provider of cross- platform soſtware development tools and embedded components for the next generation of HPC applications. Rogue Wave products reduce the complexity of prototyping, developing, debugging and optimising multi-processor and data- intensive applications. Te company will be showcasing

TotalView, a highly-scalable debugger that provides troubleshooting for a variety of applications. A GUI-based source code defect analysis tool, TotalView gives developers control over processes and thread execution, and visibility into program state and variables. It allows developers to debug one or many processes and/or threads with complete control over program execution. TreadSpotter is an advanced and

easy-to-use performance optimisation product for single and multi-threaded applications. TreadSpotter helps eliminate performance issues by analysing memory bandwidth and latency, data locality and thread communications/ interaction to pinpoint performance issues. It then guides the developer to the location of the issues in the source code.

Spectra has emerged as a storage and

archive provider of choice for high- performance computing (HPC) organisations, with products that push the boundaries of research and exploration objectives, and management features that help ensure data


is always available. It provides cost-effective storage that meets user performance, growth and environmental requirements. By working closely with customers, the company delivers products that address every pain point commonly experienced in multi-petabyte high-performance compute environments.

TeSteinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) (#310) is the information technology centre of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, and ranks among the largest scientific computing centres in Europe. It stands for internationally visible research, development and innovation in the fields of high-performance computing, data-intensive computing and secure IT federations. Located at SCC are the German WLCG Tier

1 ‘GridKa’ and the Large Scale Data Facility for Scientific Data Storage and Exploration. As an example of one of the users of the LSDF, the SCC booth will show a model of ANKA, the synchrotron light source at KIT.

ttgLabs (#415) is a Russian provider of technologies and solutions that address the problem of application optimisation for hardware platforms with GPUs. It has solid expertise in auto tuning applications for supercomputers and HPC systems of hybrid architecture (CPU+GPU) within the MPI, OpenMP, Cuda, and OpenCL paradigms. Te company will showcase its key product, the TTG Apptimizer developer toolkit, that enables programmers to optimise computationally-intensive applications for GPU-contained systems. It also allows users to easily work around

problems such as efficient usage of processing units, dynamic load balancing, selecting the optimal computational core and detection of the required level of parallelism. TTG Apptimizer can be readily used in a broad range of HPC areas from bioinformatics, computational chemistry and drug design to geological prospecting, meteorology and automobile and aircraſt design.

Univa (#517), the data centre automation company, is preparing for the release of Univa Grid Engine Version 8.1 in late Q2 of this year. Univa Grid Engine is an industry- leading choice for workload management and integration of Big Data solutions. In version 8.1, the company delivers the same time and money savings as before, but also adds new features that increase speed and productivity as well as overall performance of clusters.

Vcodyne (#834) will showcase its HPC Cluster On Demand. As the new Remote Private Cloud provider dedicated to HPC in Europe, Vcodyne offers flexible access to fully private compute farms based on physical dedicated resources. Users can flex their cluster in minutes on command or through policy automation thanks to the workload management integration, reserve in advance capacity to have spike guaranteed over a period without the constraint of

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