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19 year-old founder Gareth Bull speaks to SGB about his website and the potential advantages to retailers. The website is also a useful

What is compareyourkit. com? Currently we are the only dedicated sports teamwear blog on the internet. We aim to provide readers with un- biased advice and deals from the major teamwear brands on the market. The blog is free from

very lucrative

looking for kit so potentially the market is

thousands of teams in the country and worldwide

There are

any jargon that usually accompanies teamwear and sports equipment and gives retailers and sports teams and clubs a central hub to assess the latest off erings from suppliers and gain the best deals possible. There are so many diff erent suppliers off ering a host of diff erent deals that it is diffi cult for clubs and retailers to know what the best deals are. Compareyourkit off ers this service so others don’t have to.

Why did you set the website up? With experience in the teamwear industry and an enthusiastic club cricketer, I noticed many cricket clubs struggling to source kit for their club sides with too many options available and not enough advice given to the buyer. I want to help people make an informed choice and cut through the jargon that is often prevalent within the industry.


What suppliers do you currently have onboard? We have been able to secure deals with Surridge Sport, Samurai, Kukri, JS Sports, Romida teamwear and DMS Sports amongst others. Deals have included a 30%

discount to compareyourkit readers on selected teamwear products from Romida Teamwear, and off ers from Samurai such as a Buy 10 get 2 free garments on selected product lines.

Who is the site aimed at? The site is aimed at teamwear buyers, whether this is sports retailers, grass roots sports clubs and teams, schools, colleges and universities. Basically anyone who is looking to invest in teamwear should use our website to gain access to the latest teamwear deals.

What are the benefi ts of the website?

Unlike other sports comparison websites, we don’t charge suppliers to advertise their latest deals on our website. The blog also acts as an educational tool. Sports products and specifi cally teamwear can often be diffi cult to understand with a host of complex terminology. The website helps breakdown this jargon so it is simple and easy to understand so buyers can make an informed purchase.

tool for suppliers and brands as they are able to advertise any clearance, excess stock or special off ers. All transactions are organised directly and not via The website is simply a mediator between buyer and supplier.

Is there a market for teamwear comparison websites? Certainly. There are thousands of teams in the country and worldwide looking for kit so potentially the market is very lucrative.

Suppliers have such large

quantities of stock that inevitably there will be excesses. It is fi nding the right deal for you which is important and hopefully where our website comes in.

Are there any future plans for compareyourkit? The website will eventually become a fully functioning comparison website. The main aim at the minute is to off er a comprehensive blog where teamwear off ers are promoted and useful advice is given. When this has been achieved a fully functioning comparison website will be produced along with a number of umbrella websites specifi cally dealing with clearance stock, teamwear and unwanted kit.

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