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Refurbishment makes sense in the current climate

Besides designing and manufacturing new weed screen cleaners, King’s Lynn based CW Engineering are increasingly called upon for their refurbishing skills for aging systems, produced by themselves and by other manufacturers. Typically this involves service visits, trolley replacement and new control panels where required.

As IDBs consider their budgets for the coming year, it makes good financial sense to get their weed screen cleaners checked. CW Engineering service contracts and site visits can often save a lot of money and inconvenience to the operation of the pumping station systems. As weed screen cleaners get older, maintenance demands increase and effectiveness can be compromised. After many years of service, carriage wheels can seize up, wiring become brittle, gear boxes suffer damage, motors fail and many of the micro switches become obsolete. The work can include the removal of the trolley and grab unit back to C W’s King’s Lynn engineering works for both quality control and convenience.

When work is carried out on other manufacturers’ machinery it is very often the case that the trolley unit needs to be removed to enable a full inspection. Once back in our factory any debris is removed and the machine cleaned before refurbishment. Rectification work can include replacement of wiring, sensors, motors and gearboxes. While stripped down, the weed screen cleaner’s superstructure is checked for damage or deterioration, repaired, shot blasted and hot zinc sprayed as protection against the elements. The refurbished system is fully tested before re-installation on site. Experience has indicated that the refurbishment option can save around 50% of replacement costs and double the service life of existing machinery. Not all faults can be attributed to mechanical failure. There is also the electrical panel which controls the machines. These have been vastly improved technically over the last 20 years. The software and hardware within older panels frequently causes many of the breakdowns and failures which occur during the busy winter periods. Obtaining spare parts and skilled personnel to rectify these failures is an ongoing problem. “We, however, have the experience and knowhow for replacing the entire panel with a more current version including updates in operating sequences” says project manager Dickey Dye. “Our young team of engineers are enthusiastic, reliable and prompt to respond to customer concerns.” C W Engineering are Quality Assured to ISO 9001 and 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


Water Level Management

a refurbished system at Nightlayers pumping station for Middle Level Consultancy in the Chatteris area.

GREEN MACHINES dredging the Waterways




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