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Water Level Management

Modelling Software Developments

ISIS v3.6, including the latest version of ISIS Free, coming soon…

Halcrow will be releasing ISIS v3.6 in June 2012. The latest release will include numerous new features and

improvements which have again been developed in response to user and market needs. A few of the new features and improvements include:

• • •

• • •

• • •

Implementation of the “Mapping from all sources tool” (ISIS MAST) Labyrinth Weir unit – enabling modelling of a common complex structure ISIS FAST dynamic – ISIS FAST will now have the ability to model estimated travel times and velocities Automatic interpolator functionality

Automated model build functionality

ISIS Mapper will handle larger 2D results files more efficiently ISIS FAST and ISIS 2D to handle non-SI (e.g. American) units

Improved preferential flow paths algorithm and 1D linking with ISIS FAST A new and updated version of ISIS Free

ISIS Free can be downloaded at no cost and used on both commercial and non- commercial projects. Halcrow has developed ISIS Free so that it offers an integrated 1D and 2D modelling software package. ISIS Free has all the same features as ISIS Professional, ISIS 2D and ISIS FAST which enable you to

confidently apply it to smaller river modelling projects and to tackle different types of hydraulic conditions (i.e. flood risk assessments, flood mapping and design projects), and then seamlessly move to ISIS Professional, ISIS 2D or ISIS FAST should your project grow beyond the following restrictions: 250 1D nodes, 2,500 2D cells or DEM grid size of 2,500 cells. Users can also sign up to an annual support and maintenance contract to gain direct access to the ISIS technical support team.

Key benefits of ISIS Free it’s totally FREE install it on as many computers as you like as its use is not limited undertake both steady and unsteady calculations use ISIS Mapper to build hydraulic models, analysis results, and visualise model outputs use the full range of structure (including logical rules)

• •

• •

• • • •

full use of hydrology units (including FEH, ReFH, USSCS)

model floodplain flows through either 1D or 2D flow simulations

seamlessly upgrade to ISIS Professional or ISIS 2D as a project grows

For further information, please contact the ISIS technical support team on +44 (0)845 094 7994 or at

by Vijay Jain, Halcrow

ISIS FAST proving popular By popular request, Halcrow

recently released a standalone ISIS FAST product which no longer requires an ISIS Professional or ISIS 2D licence to run and it’s proved very popular!

This allows users to purchase a standalone ISIS FAST licence from just £4,950+local taxes! Existing ISIS users are still able to purchase the FAST solver for ISIS Professional or ISIS 2D for £3,950+local taxes. ISIS FAST is an innovative flood inundation modelling tool designed to allow quick assessment of flooding using simplified hydraulics. It provides results in seconds or minutes as opposed to hours or days, which is up to 1,000 times faster than traditional two- dimensional models.

Key features include: •

rapidly estimates flood extents and depths from many sources of flooding, including coastal, fluvial, surface water and sewer flooding

• pluvial flood mapping and risk •

assessments at local, regional and national scales

real-time flood mapping when linked to forecast rainfall used in conjunction with more detailed modelling software, such as ISIS Professional and ISIS 2D

can remove the cost of some detailed modelling by identifying the flood risk hot spots where detailed analysis is needed

• •

can be used in probabilistic analysis frameworks

can test solutions that protect people, property, critical infrastructure and the urban environment

Additional information is available at or at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Vijay Jain or Alastair Sheppard at or on 0845 094 7990.


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