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Satcomms get a boost

Trane & Trane has introduced its latest Sailor 900 VSAT terminal to the market, bringing with it new thinking to an old technology.

adoption of maritime VSAT. Furthermore, many different satellite operators provide broadband connections based on Ku-band, which has to some extent limited the deployment of VSAT because of the great demands made on the interaction between modem, network and antenna. Jens Ewerling, product manager, Trane


& Thrane, said that the development for the Sailor 900 started three years ago, whilst most companies built on technology that was already on the market; Trane & Trane took a different approach of carrying out its own research into its new product before producing it. Trane & Trane carried out a year of research before developing the Sailor 900 VSAT. Ewerling commented that: “Before we

started building the antenna we collected data from real life situations onboard vessels. For this we installed a data box on certain vessels to measure what forces ships were being exposed to. Next we built a three- storey extension to our facilities and placed a simulator on top to test the soſtware that we were developing by imputing real life data that we were receiving; because of this full year of research it has given us a head start on developing a new product for the market.” The system dispenses with

time-consuming testing, balancing and configuration of satellite antennas onboard vessels, as Thrane & Thrane performs such necessary processes prior to delivery, allowing the system to be installed faster and easier, and also making it more reliable. In addition, the Sailor 900 VSAT is compatible with all Ku-band satellite systems globally. Ewerling commented that the challenges

of the Sailor 900 was to keep the antenna light. To achieve this, the antennas are made from high tensile aluminium, which has high anti-corrosive properties and can be built in the same thickness as other antennas.

Sailor 900 VSAT. The Naval Architect March 2012 39

Jens Ewerling, product manager, Thrane & Thrane.

The Danish satellite communications provider Trane & Trane has also signed

omplex procurement, installation and operation have until now been limiting factors to the wider

an agreement with Ericsson for the delivery of 290 units of the Sailor 900 VSAT. With the contract estimated at DKK60 million (US$10.6 million), Thrane & Thrane will provide a global service, support and training of the hardware that it will supply. The majority of the deliveries will take place over the next 12 months with a service agreement lasting the next seven years. Ewerling commented on the installation

onboard the vessels: “The contract is for 290 Maersk Line container ships. Trane & Trane will supply the antennas to Ericsson, who with trained roll-out teams in 12-15 ports globally will allow the vessels to be fitted over the next 12 months.” Te vessels will have antennas installed whilst they are in port, so no vessel will need to be taken out of service for this procedure. Ewerling commented that there has

been a paradigm shiſt in the shipbuilding industry, where the whole industry has grown and fragmented. Trane & Trane has highlighted that where other manufacturers only sell the hardware, Thrane & Thrane offers a complete package to its customers, making the system easier to use and quicker to deploy. NA

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