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Te latest mandate for electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) will have an impact not only on the ship owners, but the crew that will have to operate the new systems.


orwegian-based Maris has highlighted that

navigators have relied on different

information to plot their courses; paper charts, visual information, radar and communication by sign and voice with other vessels. Te navigator has become an information integrator, assessing risks based on available data. However, the implementation of ECDIS

systems is an important factor for the maritime industry. Steinar Gundersen, deputy chief executive, Maris commented: “ECDIS is another important tool for the navigator, with all its advantages. As the IMO adopted the regime of mandatory ECDIS implementation on commercial ships, this has bought up the requirement for implementation of training.” Maris adds that from the ship owners

point of view there are several issues such as onboard communication, cost control of annual subscriptions and electronic charts and services, remote support, training, IMO/

The pressure is on to train all crew on ECDIS before time runs out.

Pay as you sail from NavTor

Norwegian-based electronic navigation charts (ENC) company NavTor has launched its latest mapping service, Ultimo.

T 38 he latest ENC service offers

an innovative service for its customers that will simplify

ordering, licensing, updating and administration of ENC chart portfolios. Te service aims at providing customers with a ‘pay as you go’ style distribution of ENC charts, making access to charts and route planning easier for ship’s navigators. “Currently you have to plan your route

and order the charts that you need for the area that you are sailing. With this new service you have access to all the charts for the area’s that you are sailing and then you are charged aſter you have used the charts”, comments Willy Zeiler, marketing and communications manager, NavTor.

With the rise of administration onboard

vessels, officers have less time to spend on navigation, with the toughest challenge being that of making sure that licenses and permits to access the electronic charts needed for the voyage ahead are ordered in time. Te NavTor service offers a solution where

all ENCs and their permits are preloaded and are immediately available, for convience, but not least for safety and security as well. Once installed, the charts for planning purposes when the vessel is alongside dock and not moving is free of charge. Te NavTor NAV Tracker automatically tracks the voyage and generates billing for the chart’s cells actually used for a navigated route

NavTor believes that with the

introduction of the compulsory electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) will drive the commercial acceptance of pay as you sail (PAYS). Te company has said that when the carriage becomes mandatory of ECDIS owners and operators will be leſt with the challenge of managing a chart portfolio. Zeiler highlights that the latest service

provided by NavTor is tailor-made for all ECDIS systems. Te ECDIS mandate is expected to take effect between 2012-2018, NavTor believes that there will be a peak in demand for chart services in 2015, due to the mandate requirements of when vessels have to comply. NA

The Naval Architect March 2012 for decades,

Flag state and Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) requirements, new procedures and risk assessment. Te added pressure of training crew in time for the mandate has become a concern, Gundersen commented: “Tis is an issue raised constantly within the industry and debated in the marine media; the verdict is clearly that there are concerns regarding a lack of capacity to train everyone that needs it, in time.” Maris has been addressing the need for

training from both ship owners and ship managers by being in dialogue with the market and training providers. Maris said that it entered the market early with solutions for ships wanting to sail paperless, which mostly came from the oil and gas market. Together with the ship owners Maris has made arrangements with nautical schools so that their bridge officers can be trained in the use of Maris ECDIS and functionality in addition to the IMO Model course 1.27. NA

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