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Asset finance and Commercial Finance Expo

NACFB Asset Finance Seminar The events diary for 2012 is looking very full so far but two particular events have become bigger than ever, the NACFB Asset Finance Seminar and the NACFB Commercial Fi- nance Expo. The second NACFB Asset Finance Semi- nar will take place in March and we plan to build on the great success of the inaugural seminar last year. The feed- back that we received from the membership and the ex- hibitors that attended the event was extremely encour- aging and highlighted the need for such an event. The leasing and asset fi- nance sector of the NACFB has always been very impor- tant to us, particularly since the amalgamation with the Leasing Brokers Association in the late nineties. Secondly, this sector has seen quite an increase in applications to the association in the past few years, despite other sectors of the membership declining slightly. In a nutshell, the day brings the funders and the brokers in the leasing and asset fi- nance sector together under one roof to discuss the prob- lems in the market and ways in which they can work to- gether. There will be a host of industry leaders at the event giving their opinions on the future of the market and their suggestions as well as a semi- nar hosted by the FLA.

“Exhibitors at last year’s event also had underwriters pres- ent leading to some brokers completing deals on the day!”

The day also presents a great opportunity for the del- egates to gain a good insight in to the products on offer from the funders and ways in which these can be offered to their SME clients.

Commercial Finance Expo The other main event of 2012 is the NACFB Commercial Fi- nance Expo which takes place on the 27th June at The Pavil- ions at the Birmingham NEC and promises to be a huge event.

Last year’s event saw over 70 commercial lenders exhib- iting at the event along with more than 900 attendees. The event had a fantastic buzz and the feedback that the associa- tion received was overwhelm- ingly positive – many exhibi- tors signed up at the close of last year’s show to exhibit in 2012! The event has become in- dustry recognised as the show for the commercial market, with a huge range of funders active in the market, alterna- tive funders and ancillary pro- viders. As a response to some of the other expos becoming diluted by non-commercial

exhibitors, the NACFB fo-

cused on arranging an expo that truly represents commer- cial finance, and we believe that the NACFB Commercial Finance Expo does just this. The event also hosts a num- ber of seminars throughout

the day to give valuable mar- ket knowledge from industry experts. Many of the exhibitors at

last year’s event also had un- derwriters present leading to some brokers completing deals on the day!

European Commission says SMEs vital to job creation

A report from the European Commission has highlighted the role that SMEs play in creating jobs in the European economy, with SMEs being responsible for over two thirds of employment in the private sector and providing 85% of net job growth.

This underscores the vital importance of nurturing the UK SME market. Without doubt, the difficulty in sourcing funding in the SME market is having a notable effect on the sector and a recent FSB report stated that many small businesses aim to shed staff in the first three months of 2012. A recent report from borro, an NACFB patron, also shows that over 50% of SME owners have used personal funds for their business. Adam Tyler, CEO of the NACFB said: “The correlation between SME investment and job creation is obvious; without funding lines SMEs cannot invest in new equipment and remain competitive, cannot take on - or in some cases retain - the existing staff, leading to a reduction in competitiveness and output and increased unemployment.

“The NACFB has been working hard to help SMEs with funding lines and has lobbied Government, worked in alliance with trade bodies representing SMEs and attended events aimed at SMEs looking for funding. We have also launched a range of initiatives designed to highlight the relationship between the broker and the SME, and the role that the professional broker can play in procuring funding lines for SMEs. A knowledgeable broker can access the whole market to secure funding (funding options that many SMEs may not be aware of), which can directly help SMEs grow and speed up the recovery. The message from the NACFB is to use a professional broker that can help to secure a wide range of funding options for your business – being refused funding from one or two funders needn’t be the end of the story.”


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