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NACFB celebrates 20 years... by Chris Ferguson, NACFB

2012 sees the twentieth anni- versary of the NACFB and it is fair to say that the association now has a stronger voice than ever and is firmly established as the trade body for the com- mercial finance broker. The NACFB was estab-

lished in 1992 to combat the growth in advanced fee fraud which was particularly preva- lent at this time. In order to protect the reputation of the industry as a whole, a profes- sional body needed to be es- tablished to promote best practice. Initially the NACFB started

out as a steering committee with the emphasis on the code of practice. This all start- ed from humble beginnings in 1992 at the former chief ex- ecutive’s house and grew rap- idly from there. With a very small membership level and a patron panel of only two funders, the association has now grown to a membership

of over 1400 registered indi- viduals and 72 patrons, devel- oping into the trade body that it is today. In the 20 years that the as- sociation has been in opera- tion a great deal has hap- pened and the economic landscape has changed con- siderably. Most notably the recent economic downturn has affected all commercial brokers and the NACFB has had to be responsive to this. Throughout the NACFB’s ex- istence, it has worked ex- tremely hard for its member- ship and this will carry on in to the future.

Broker role The role of the professional broker is integral to the well- being of the UK’s economy and the NACFB will seek to ensure that the broker has the information and advice need- ed to survive and prosper. The recent rebranding of

the NACFB has introduced the simple but important tag-

NACFB Events - Dates for your diary for 2012: 22ND FEBRUARY



NACFB National Roadshow Asset Finance Seminar NACFB Regional Workshop NACFB National Roadshow NACFB National Roadshow Commercial Finance Expo NACFB National Roadshow NACFB Regional Workshop NACFB National Roadshow NACFB AGM & Gala Dinner

line “Helping Finance UK Business” which summarises the role of the association and the professional brokers that it represents. It also empha- sises the link that the broker has between the funder and the SME and the advice that they can offer. The twenty years have

helped us to forge strong alli- ances with a range of funders

and professional bodies with the aim of promoting exclu- sive deals and incentives for our members. This will no doubt continue to grow and 2012 should see a range of ex- clusive deals for members. It is because of the best practice that the NACFB promotes and the professionalism of our members that we can gain these incentives.

Fewer brokers leave the market

The FSA recently reported that the number of brokers leaving the commercial market began to decline in the last months of 2011. At the peak of the market in 2007 there were 5,123 brokers, with 2,425 ARs in the market in December 2011 - a significant drop of 52.7%.

The good news is that the levels leaving the market have now slowed down considerably. In December 2011, a figure of 8.1% of brokers left the market compared to 30.8% in the previous December. Adam Tyler CEO of NACFB commented: “The drop in the numbers of brokers leaving the market is encouraging. The last few years have been very hard for brokers and as an association this has been reflected in the decline in membership levels which have now stabilised – welcome news for 2012.”

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