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We have 14 secured loan lenders Why choose a master broker which only has 6?

Exclusive - Highest LTV in the market for adverse/self employed clients Plus - The lowest loan rates available for heavy adverse applicants

Get Lenderquote Free The most accurate loan sourcing available

Range of 2nd charge loans from £5000 to £3million Trading only 6 months – up to 85% LTV with bank statements Exclusive- S/E - no A/C’s, bank statements up to 75% LTV – best elsewhere 65% LTV Exclusive- Unlimited adverse up to 75% LTV - Best elsewhere 65% LTV Semi Exclusive– low rate adverse - £100 per month cheaper than nearest competitor on a 10 year £30,000 loan Higher income multiples or alternative aff ordability calculators Benefi t income, pensions and part time income accepted Short term loans, bridging fi nance and loans secured on assets Loans for business purposes, to clear IVA’s or pay off tax bills 2nd charges on BTL’s Rates from 7.9% LTV’s up to 85% Accredited to more Mortgage Clubs and Networks than any other broker Bridging, commercial and short term asset loans

PLUS BRIDGING AND SHORT TERM LENDING - It’s not just for house purchase

Residential Bridging replaces a development loan. A broker was looking for a short term development loan for his client to purchase, refurb and then remortgage a semi commercial property. We proposed a second charge bridging loan on the borrowers main resi- dence at a rate of 0.95% per month which allowed him to do everything he wished faster and cheaper.

Bridging loan on agricultural fi eld delays HRMC. This introducer had a client who was about to be forced to sell his house undervalue by HRMC to pay outstanding VAT. We obtained off ers for a bridging loan on an agricultural fi eld to keep HMRC at bay so the main residence could be marketed properly at full value.

Invoice factoring covers payroll and saves reputation. Our introducer’s client had a cash fl ow problem and needed to raise £20K to payroll his business whilst he waited for a slow payer on a large outstanding invoice. With no equity he had limited options and not pay- ing his staff was commercial suicide. An invoice factoring solution was proposed allowing our brokers client to borrow against his outstanding invoice and cover the temporary short fall in cash fl ow.

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Loan secured on car pays tax bill. Outstanding tax is a common purpose for a loan, especially at this time of the year. The borrower had no available equity but only needed the money short term. A short term asset loan secured on his car was cheap- er than a traditional bridging loan and despite there being no fees in- volved for the borrower, the broker still earned a 8% commission.

Money needed in days to secure lucrative business deal. Our client needed to raise £30,000 in a few days to buy bankrupt stock which he knew he could resell quickly and make very substantial profi ts. To avoid fees and exit charges he off ered his luxury car as security for a three month loan making the whole deal cheaper and faster than a bridging loan secured on bricks and mortar.

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